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Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

Hey khushjammu, I think there is a second group being formed, but if that doesn't go ahead, then you're welcome to join the original group tonight, since @papa can't make it. But please don't abandon the second group if that's going ahead and you've already committed! If you don't reply by 2pm, and assuming the second group isn't being formed, then I'll open it up to the others to fill the slot. Hope that's okay!

1khushjammu2hHey Joe, unfortunately I've been activated for some last-minute army duties and can't make it. Sorry for the late reply, look forward to joining next time!
Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

@khushjammu will get this message as a notification (since they have RSVPed), but I think you'll have to send a private message to @smallsilo (unless they manually subscribed to the comments on this post), because it doesn't seem like LessWrong has proper user tagging.

If you do manage to set up a second group, you may want to organise to arrive 30 minutes earlier or later if possible, since that would make it easier for us to find our respective group members, and minimise any accidental "mixing". If a big group of us all arrive at once, that could look a bit sus, even if we are being sure to remain separated.

Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

Hey! Currently there are seven people so a group of 5, plus 2 waiting (khushjammu and yourself). I'll probably organise another catch up (probably same place and time) in the next few weeks, so if you want you can wait for that. If another person or two join then you could form a second group. In any case, I'll let you know if there's an opening for this week's event due to a couple of people having to drop out ๐Ÿ‘

Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

Hey everyone! Since it's such a small gathering and there are some people on the "wait list", please comment as a reply to this message to double-confirm that you're coming.

Note that you'll of course need to be vaccinated to get in (vaccinated=2 weeks after second shot, per trace together app).

We're not able to book a table a head of time (walk-ins only at the moment), but I think we should be able to get a table even if we have to wait outside for 15 mins (I'll arrive a bit before 6pm). Worst case we can just order take-away and head across the road to th... (read more)

1papa6hMany apologies, I can't make it after all, will need to babysit tonight. Joe thank you for the message, I didn't even notice the RVSP button. So one slot available for tonight!
223t23dS1dThanks for checking in. I'll be there
2Zmavli Caimle1dI'm confirming that I'm coming. I might talk about the loglang I've been developing for about three months now.
2twkr2dHey Joe, thanks for checking in again. See you on Saturday.
Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

We may actually be full for this one since I think @papa didn't realise there was an RSVP button (he only commented), but you're first on the "wait list" in case someone needs to drop out. Either way I'm going to organise a few of these so I'll let you know when the next one is ๐Ÿ‘

1khushjammu6dSounds good, look forward to it!
Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

Great! I've just posted a root-level comment in this thread, but I think since you're not RSVPed yet, you won't have received a notification?

Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

Hey Zmavli, Joe, Sunny - looking forward to meeting you next week! There's only one slot remaining and it's been less than a day. If there ends up being a lot more than 5, we could split into a couple of groups, but we'll see. If you do need to pull out, please do so as early as possible to allow another person to swap in. I believe all who have RSVPed will get notifications if I post a comment here, so I'll post a message a few days from the date to make sure everything is in place and maybe start a whatsapp/telegram/signal group (depending on what most people have) and we can go from there ๐Ÿ‘ 

1twkr7dThanks, Joe for organising this! See you all on the 22nd.
The new Editor

A markdown version of the body doesn't to be in any of the possible fields of the `Post` type. Am I looking in the wrong place? I'm using this:

2habryka7dShould be part of the contents field: { post(input: {selector: {slug: "the-new-editor"}}) { result { contents { markdown } } } }
On Stateless Societies

The researchers made the people from this area play different economic games and find out that people with a state are less cooperative than stateless people.


In the new dog-eat-dog society there are no rules. Everyone fights for himself and there's no shame in behaving in an anti-social way.

Did they control for the size of the village? I'd have thought a smaller village is naturally going to be more cooperative, since they're ingrained with social norms that lean on the fact that everyone knows everyone. E.g. if you screw someone over, then you can't ... (read more)

2Martin Sustrik9dIIRC, the study was done on people living in a nearby big city, but originally coming from the respective region.
Open Thread - Jan 2022 [Vote Experiment!]
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I really like this experimentation. Some thoughts:

  • Regarding finding the ideal set of axes: I wonder if it would make sense to give quite a few of them (that seem plausibly good), and then collect data for a month or so, and then select a subset based on usage and orthogonality. Rather than tentatively trying new axes in a more one-by-one fashion, that is. You'd explicitly tell users that the axes are being experimented with, and to vote on the axes which seem most appropriate. This might also be a way to collect axis ideas - if the user can't find the axis
... (read more)
Occupational Infohazards

Fair point! Done.

It is still concerning to me (of course, having read your original comment), but I can see how it may have mislead others who were skimming.

FWIW, it is concerning to me, too, and was at least a little bit a point of contention between me and each of those three while we were colleagues together at CFAR, and somewhat moreso after I had left.  But my intention was not to say "these people are bad" or "these people are casually dangerous."  More "these people are heavy-hitters when it comes to other people's psychologies, for better and worse."

Occupational Infohazards

If someone spent 100 hours of close interaction with Julia or Dan or Kenzie, I would expect them to have zero negative effects and to have had a great time.

If someone spent 100 hours of close interaction with Anna or Val or Pete, I would want to make absolutely sure they had lots of resources available to them just in case (those three being much more head-melty and having a much wider spread of impacts on people)

As a complete outsider who stumbled upon this post and thread, I find it surprising and concerning that there's anyone at MIRI/CFAR with whom spe... (read more)

Small nitpicky request: would you be willing to edit into your quotation the part that goes "just in case (those three being much more head-melty and having a much wider spread of impacts on people)"?

Its excision changes the meaning of my sentence, into something untrue.  Those words were there on purpose, because without them the sentence is misleadingly alarming.

The OP cites Anna's comment where she talked about manipulating people. 

Moore's Law, AI, and the pace of progress

Neurons fire at around 200 Hz on average.

The average cortical neuron firing rate is much lower than this.[0] You might have meant maximum rather than average - or am I misunderstanding?


2Veedrac1moI was indeed misremembering some statistic for which 200 Hz is correct, likely average peak rate or somesuch, not sure exactly. Thanks for catching this.