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The low retention of Quiverfull; that is most people raised from Quiverfull parents ending up being Christian but not Quiverfull is not a bug, it's a feature. The analogy is in fact very good. Arrows used in warfare are expended and not recoverable while the battle continues.

4Idan Arye4y
It is a bug because it prevents - or at least drastically delays - the population explosion they aim at. If each Quiverfull couple begets 10 children, the next generation of Quiverfull will have 5 times the population of the original generation (p2=5⋅p1) and they all remain Quiverfull and keep the same birth rate, then p3=25⋅p1 - generally pn=5n−1⋅p1. But 80% of each generation end up not being Quiverfull, then even if you count them toward the Quiverfull population they'll still only have, say 2 children per couple - so p3=1⋅(0.8⋅p2)+5⋅(0.2⋅p2)=1.8⋅p2. Even if we neglect the fact that 44% of these children were not raised as Quiverfull to begin with and assume that only 20% of the total p3=1.8⋅p2 will be Quiverfull parents with 10 children per couple - the exponential explosion still drops from O(5n) to O(1.8n).