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3. Well, this does not really check out. We do take our eyes off the road, for a second. Sometimes. There are somewhat safe moments to do this and less safe ones. When several hundred meters of highway ahead are empty, the road we will travel in those seconds + some safety-cushion, and it is straight, it is somewhat safe.     You are just exxagerating a bit. On a long boring ride or drive, the mind is not really occupied by the task, the eyes can still safely look at the road, ready to react with exactly one single thing to anything unforeseen: appyling the brakes. 

According to traffic engineers, most accidents happen after the driver stops paying attention for two or more seconds. Basically, if you blink for 'one one thousand' you're probably ok, 'one one thousand two one thousand' is tempting fate.

I like motorcycles, therefore i want to point them out. In the EU, they are a luxury fun vehicle for the most part. Still it is amazing how they are thoroughly ignored. The german publicly funded media as per Rundfunkstaatsvertrag is supposed to help people make up their own mind, however the fact that a sub300kg vehicle is probably more efficient in single person transport than a 1200+kg one is mostly held under wraps, motorcycles are only mentioned when it is about noise and speed.                     &nb... (read more)