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I don't know. It seems to me that we have to make the graph of progress in alignment vs capabilities meet somewhere and part of that would probably involve really thinking about which parts of which bottlenecks are really blockers vs just epiphenomena that tag along but can be optimised away. For instance, in your statement:

If research would be bad for other people to know about, you should mainly just not do it

Then maybe doing research but not having the wrong people know about it is the right intervention, rather than just straight-up not doing it at all?

Yup, that's definitely on the roadmap. Sometimes you need facts to advance a particular skill (e.g., if you're figuring out scaling laws, you have got to know a bunch of important numbers) or even just to use the highly specialised language of your field, and there's no better way to do that than to use SRS.

We're probably going to offer Anki import some time in the future just so we can take advantage of the massive amount of material other people have already made, but also I can't promise one-to-one parity since I'd like to aim more towards gwern's progr... (read more)

Have you scaled up the moderation accordingly? I have noticed fewer comments that are on the level of what gets posted on r/slatestarcodex these days but I'm not sure if it's just a selection effect.

For the past couple weeks we've been checking each new comment and rejecting ones we think fail the criteria in the comment warning []. (This ends up being something like 9 comments a day. For comparison, there's like 2-3 comments from newish users each day that actually seem to meet the bar) We'll hopefully have the "rejected" section of the site up soon so that people can evaluate whether they think we're making reasonable calls here. (To be clear, when I say "not reduced the number of posts", I mean "reduced the number of people submitting posts", not "posts that get accepted." We've also been rejecting a few new posts a day)

Congratulations! I don't think I would have navigated the past three years as well as I did without your posts.

Is this particular to LessWrong or is there some browser shenanigans going on in being able to render this?

1Florence Hinder5mo
It's just an embed link that is setup to work with LessWrong and the EA forum. 

Person-affecting view

I want to see if I’m cut out to do nontrivial independent alignment research, and I want to get an answer as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to waste everyone’s time publicly lay down my maps and hope that someone out there will feel white-hot intransigent rage at someone being wrong on the internet and correct me.

Why alignment research?

That is, why not work on anything else like biorisk? Or some other generic longtermist cause?

The God of Power Laws has decreed that most human endeavors be Pareto-distributed. In a hi... (read more)

2the gears to ascension8mo
I always parsed it as wordcel=insufficient training data to form connected mental representation, shape rotator=sufficient training data to form connected mental representation. I would not call PIBBS an unconnected-words group.

Have you read What Should A Professional Mathematician Know? The relevant bits are in the last two sections.

Anecdotally speaking, being forced to take care of a puppy made me significantly more empathic towards animals in general. Whereas I subconsciously saw pet owners as being 'hijacked' (even taking into account a rather animal-obsessed childhood), it was only after fully bonding with my puppy that I was able to empathise with suffering animals on a gut level (again, I used to be able to, then I was desensitised for years, then today I'm back to full-on animal empathy mode).

All this happened over the course of 4-5 days. It was actually quite scary to see my values change so abruptly, to the extent that visiting r/petloss literally makes me want to vomit due to how heavy it makes my heart.

Now I'm curious. Does studying history make you update in a similar way? I feel that these times are not especially insane compared to the rest of history, though the scale of the problems might be bigger.

4Wei Dai3y
History is not one of my main interests, but I would guess yes, which is why I said "Actually, I probably shouldn’t have been so optimistic even before the recent events..." Agreed. I think I was under the impression that western civilization managed to fix a lot of the especially bad epistemic pathologies in a somewhat stable way, and was unpleasantly surprised when that turned out not to be the case.

Hi there. I signed up for the event but didn’t receive any URL. Can someone help me out?

What do you think are the odds of a successful vaccine being developed within 3 months? 6 months? A year? Before we achieve herd immunity?

How long do you think will the peak last? How does your position (and best-policy recommendations) change as this variable changes?

Definitely in 5-10 years. Hopefully with accommodations for foreignfolk as well?

Not sure if this is the proper place to say this but your first link is broken. ->