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Anthropology for Dummies is fine. It's a bit progressive in that he even directly states that he refuses to talk about any sex differences because it's too controversial a topic for him. So I cannot fully recommend it. But there are some good stuff in it even though it avoids like 50% of anthropology science because the author feels it's too controversial.

Personality Psychology: Domains of Knowledge about Human Nature by Randy J. Larsen, David M. Buss

I have looked into maybe 40 general psychology textbooks. Not read them all though, but read quite a few. This one is still by far the best intro to general psychology. But you may put it under personality psychology even though that's basically all of psychology minus the philosophical and political part. I try to read many more textbooks to review them. I'll inform people if I find something on this level again. The problem is that it very fast gets... (read more)

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