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Still not regretting, what do I win?

One of the benefits of being way out on the fringe is that no one has bothered to make arguments against you yet, so you get to be right. You get to be a critic without being critiqued in turn. Good times.

I like this and I think I'm prone to forgetting this for a few months, then asking questions then realizing plenty of important bits haven't been thought through.

How resistant are these generalizations from fictional evidence?

You're too conservative Konkvistador,

I'm to the right of Konkvistador and I think this is a fully general argument contra Konkvistador.

I'm to the left of him and I agree, but I have to note that in our age political large-C Conservatism and being small-c conservative in practice have basically nothing to do with each other.

No. Meta has a infinite regress or you just aren't meta enough about it.

If you aren't getting an infinite regress, you're spending too many resources on meta.

Echoing komponisto, my job is incredibly non demanding of my cognitive resources so I constantly listening to audiobooks, youtube channels, and TCC/TMS Lectures at 2x speed. Over the course of an 8 hr work day I can finish about 200 pages at reasonable comprehension.

I'll be frank.

The black dog is stronger than I. My mother died in May and I took on these projects in an attempt to stay busy and not depressed. Unfortunately all I did was damage my reputation by appearing flighty and flaky. After losing about 60$ on Beeminder, I realized that any special projects must be put on hold until I sort myself out. It's a good project to do, Hanson has a lot of unique insights, but I cannot, for now at least, do them.

That is so horrible to hear! My condolences.

I got sidetracked by Evil Real Life Issues of Local Importance and didn't make much progress in July on a Comprehensive post about a topic (my first post was going to be about the topic "If truth is lovecraftian (that is there exist real basilisks, Why Use Truth, this the recent post as a fulcrum and using other posts to support the theme) that approach is proving to complex for my available time commitment so I'm just going to break it up into shorter posts. That should allow me to get something out next week and produce a summary of large-ish chunks... (read more)

This sounds like Alain de Boton's Religion for Atheists without the bullshit Temple to Atheism and Agape Restaurants.

This is a good idea. I am really in support of the graphs. There are not enough graphs here lately.

My naive introspection says yes. I seem to remember someone being excited he was a LWer.

I was excited that ze was using LW as a resource to talk about something else ETA: Zir third Social Justice 101 post in particular []

I think I remember that. Weren't you replying to yourself over and over again taking different sides?

Not that I recall, but if I did it sounds kind of amusing. :)

I'm actually going to the July rationality minicamp,

Please, please, please blog this. I would love reading it.

Beck's rant proposing that the political left is aligned with a nebulous big-government/big-business anti-technological movement may be mostly rhetorical hot air, but it did make me wonder . ..

I get the same feeling with Thiel noticing our lack of techno-optimism in our culture compared with our optimism at 1950. Doesn't he largely blame entrenched interests putting up regulation to stop new start ups?

I asked Konkvistador if he endorsed the Moldbuggery statement in IRC and he liked it. But I think I want to decontextualize the attitudes toward bias and debiasing So I can better fit different authors/posters together. :/

I've come up with /fatalism/pessimism/elitism/rational schizophrenia/optimism . With that breakdown I can put Konvistador in the same category with Plato. I love the name rational schizophrenia too much to give it up.

I liked it too, thanks! :)

It will go boom and look bright. I dunno what else, I just clear the floors.

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." Strikes me as just statement statement not over or under (I'm assuming this is your reference?)

Atomic bombs aren't much good for destroying one world, let alone worlds in general.
6Paul Crowley11y
No, I'm referring to the fact that before the Trinity test lots of people greatly underestimated what the yield would be. Someone must surely have said "it will be a little bigger than our conventional bombs".

What do you think of the Greek Othordox? Nassim Taleb endorses them for aesthetic reasons and for the fact that their understanding of God is Apophatic primarily and thus doesn't intrude on real world near beliefs.

I have no opinion. If they're at all like Russian Orthodox folk then I probably like them somewhat. But I'm only really into the Catholics, and that's mostly because they seem massively undervalued, not because I think they should be the arbiters of truth and justice. But they think God should be the arbiter of truth and justice, and I agree with them about that, and agree with them that that's an extremely important fact about the world that should shape how we live our lives.

Disregard me: This is an inaccurate statement, not an understatement. I still maintain the understatement of the century probably happened sometime around WWII.

Better candidate:

This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine.... We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement, as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again. - Neville Chamberlain

2Paul Crowley11y
Your overall point is well taken, but you're interpreting "century" to mean "last hundred years". The way I'd interpret the word, this is a candidate for understatement of the last century. And the winner was probably somewhere near the Trinity test...

Every Right Wing Neo Reactionary Lesswrongian is now under suspicion.

You seem to be suggesting a Not-Glenn-Beck Turing-like Test.
Damn straight, comrade! We'd better uphold our political vigilance!

I have been impressed on his understanding of Hayek. He knows his Road to Serfdom.

My education/math level is college sophomore with an intro C and calc I class under my belt so anything I do would have to be basic grunt work. My private projects were just goign to be getting a head start on fall classes with SICP and Calc II.

Within those parameters of my own usefulness, yea I'm cool doing stuff for LW/SIAI/CMR . PM me if you got suggestions.

No problem if he approves I'll post a top level discussion thread letting people know what's going on and what shape he would like it to take etc.

My email included a link to this comment chain so he'll be aware of all this. I'll let him dictate how and where the summary is posted for the RH sequences.

Oh of course I was just thinking out loud.

Cross post sounds good. Every important sequence index could follow a "Humans guide to words" like summary.

At the bare minimum once you are done a promoted Main Post called: "The Hanson Sequences" or something like that might work to grab peoples attention. I really hope RH approves something like this. His thinking has been a great behind the scenes influence on many key rationalists and LWers. But since they are harder to conveniently cite people thus straw man his arguments (they especially like to do with the status theories) or worse misapply or misuse them.

Eh, it's his blog so I'd feel better making it for his site and just linking his index in the sequences.

Right but the point is to expand the intellectual horizons of LessWrongers. At the very least to familiarize them with the origin and arguments for many ideas they probably run across on this site all the time. A sequence that just appears in the wiki will have little immediate impact and will have more of a delayed effect (since sequence readers will also start reading the Hanson sequences). They will show up the "New on Overcoming Bias" so I think they will still be read live, though they might not be discussed on LW.. Also if posted on OB I think RH will probably be more willing to give feedback either before they are posted or in the comment section, which would much improve the quality of such articles. But OB is now his personal blog, you writing posts might seem like sending the signal that he wants OB to go back to what it was. Maybe cross-post them? Thought that might cause some odd feelings for those who read both OB and LW. "Oh no, where do I comment I can't decide!" Those who don't read OB, many new posters probably aren't even familiar with it, will also be more willing to comment on it here than there.

EY also posts links to other useful posts of his for reference but I find reading the sequences in indexed order is easier than reading tags or chronological order. Every blogger has important ideas that they want to say and sometimes tags don't do everything you need them to. Like EY's posts, he installed a karma/voting system late in his blogging career and so his early posts in particular may be unduly ignored.

I imagine it'd be boring to index your own posts in your blog into an ebook like format since you already know your ideas. Since I haven't read ... (read more)

Not if he wants it done. Ask if he has any objection to you writing something like this for LW.

Speaking of OB, We have an expansive list of Eliezer's posts organized by topic but no such sequence exists for Robin Hanson. His posts on status seeking are incredibly important for human rationality.

I purpose that we produce a sequence devoted to RH's posts. If someone who read most of his posts can point me in the right direction I volunteer to do it. My summer's off from classes, I just have work and then my private projects and public project would be good for me to signal usefulness to LW, OB and the communities associated with them.

EDIT: RH gave me his blessing. I'm reading OB. Just crossed through to 2007. Writing major themes and interconnections as I go.

When can we expect the first post of this series?

His posts on status seeking are incredibly important for human rationality.

I think he has an unfortunate tendency to treat status as a golden hammer, attempting to explain everything in terms of status, whether or not it's a good explanation.

If you're willing to spend your summer doing whatever Less Wrong thinks is high-value, are you taking suggestions? It's plausible that there is higher value stuff than this proposal, possibly much higher value.
Robin tags his own posts by topic.

On your math point:

Patrick offored in september last year to do tutoring

Maybe we should build a network of people who'd apply enough peer pressure and guidance to replicate the level of pressure present in a classroom to get stuff done and learn math. We shouldn't overload Patrick but would it be helpful to have LW affiliated University of Reddit, or Udemy or even just Skype class.

I really like summarizing to make sure I get things right. Watch as I prove it!

When dealing with real world morality and goal seeking behavior we seem forced to stare in the face the following facts:

  • We are very biased.

  • We could be more rational

  • Our rationality isn't particularly good at morality.

Complicating this are the following:

  • Heuristics generally work. How much rationality do you need to out compete moral and procedural heuristics?

  • Just how rational can we get. Can low IQ people become much more rational, or are we forced to believe in a co

... (read more)
The first glance, as usual, reveals interesting things about one's perception: That's honestly how I read it at first. Ha. BTW Konkvistador belongs in better company (nothing against the others); I've come to admire him a little bit and think he's much wiser than other fans of Moldbug. Oh, and speaking of good company... "pure cynicism about how things are combined with an idealism of how to act" - that sounds like the ethics that Philip K. Dick tenatively proposes in his Exegesis; shit's fucked, blind semi-conscious evil rules the world, but there's a Super-Value to being kind and human even in the face of Armageddon.

I thought about this on and off the rest of yesterday and my belief is that these two statements are key.

The Alt Right is correct in it's diagnosis of societal cancers [...]

In short, I love idealism.

What I get from this is the divide between epistemological and instrumental. Using that classic lesswrong framework I've come to this as a representation of your views:

In order to understand the world, if you are going to err, err on the side of Cynicism. But, if you are going to live in it and make it better, you have to err on the side of Idealism.

Cynici... (read more)

I struggled with something similar [] a while ago, and Vladimir_M had a different take.
Huh... yeah! I'd sign under that. And, when you phrase it so nicely, I'm sure that a few others here would.

What positive beliefs about politics do you have in light of your fear of necromancy and cancer? My intuition says some form of pragmatic Burkean conservatism but I don't want to typecast you.

Also, there's an interesting writer with agreeable sentiments coming up on my radar after 30 seconds of googling. His name's Garret Keizer. [] Shit, I'd better start reading this guy!
Well, I respect Burke a lot, but my true admiration goes out to people like Chesterton (a big fan of the French Revolution) and Kropotkin and Orwell and maybe even the better sort of religious leader, like John Paul II - the ones who realize the power and necessity of ideology-as-faith, but take the best from both its fronts instead of being tied down on one side. In short, I love idealism. (If forced to pick among today's widely used labels, though, I'd be OK with "socialist" and not at all with "conservative".)

I'm following you from your links in "Nerds are Nuts" and I would like to restate your second paragraph to make sure I have your beliefs rights.

The reason the alt-right is scary is not because they are wrong in their beliefs about reality, but because they are correct about the flaws they see in modern-leftism and this makes their proposals all the more dangerous. Just because a doctor can diagnose what ails you, it does not follow that he knows how to treat you. The Alt Right is correct in it's diagnosis of societal cancers but their proposals look depressingly closer to leeching than to chemo-therapy.

Is this an accurate restatement?

In all frankness, that's how I bellyfeel it.

For some reason my elephant desperately wants a Portlandia type series set in SI headquarters.

Jaynes begins it with a caution that this is an upper undergrad to graduate level text, not knowing a great deal of probability in the first place, I stopped reading and picked up a more elementary text. What do you think are the core pre-reqs to reading Jaynes?

I have no idea - I'll tell you when I manage to satisfy them!

You are not disturbed by things, but by the impressions you have of those things.

Doubtful. Money already exists, but it doesn't exist my pocket.

A more nuanced view of going meta might be the Hansonian method of collecting a large amount puzzles and only going meta to find explanations that leave the fewest mysteries and greatest number of accurate predictions. The exhortation to wait until you have a large collection of mysteries that may have common threads seems to be essential to the way he thinks.

Do you advise associating with those who can form a mentor/student relationship or do you advise focusing on a high status friend/ lower status friend relationship?

Could you expand a bit more on why you think the epistemic habits are suspect compared to previous staffers?

On first blush that seems to be a semantic argument. It doesn't seem you actually disagree with EY, but rather you seem to object to the use of the Physics and put in its place "Physical law" and put "mathematical objects" in place of "mathematics."

Is this an accurate description of what you are trying to say?

yep. I figure we should be more specific with our words if we're going to be understood properly.

The level is Boxcar Kids, Nancy Drew, RL Stein etc. Some suggestions have been hugely useful, some will be useful in middle school. No big deal.

I've already downloaded all the series she likes so I'm willing to put things above her reading level (it's not like she won't learn to read at that level eventually).

It was a good catch though that I was asking specifically about reading level and not just age. For her age she's about average, thought she does lag in math (I'm making sure she picks that ground up), but she does have the blessing of enjoying boo... (read more)

For the majority of kids, the best way to stop them from reading a book is simply to leave it on a bookshelf and not mention it.

I suspect this is rather less likely to be effective when you're raising a kid who you actively encourage to be intellectually curious.
Or better yet, just don't keep it anywhere visibly in the house. If you need it for something, keep it on the shelf in your locked study, amongst a whole bunch of other books. In general, just remove it from their attention as much as possible, bot physically and psychologically.
It shouldn't be on the bookshelf in the first place.

Why is sci-fi preferable here at all?

Pure Uncle Bias in this case.

I intend to not be too pushy. Just recommending books that have themes I know she'd enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation (books are currently on the reader now) and thanks for the warning, I'll keep it in mind.

As a practical matter Theater has been shown to increase empathy for those on the Autism spectrum (hi!) so if you consider yourself particularly bad at empathy (also hi!) then I would personally recommend theater and improv.

Why was this downvoted? It provides a link that community insiders will be aware of (the only reason I can generate for why OP is downvote worthy), but community outsiders would be completely ignorant of lukeprogs self-help posts.

Because it turned out to be Luke accidentally describing being duped by Scientology tricks that are intended to teach obedience and therefore does not generalize well, despite the length and apparent time spent on it. See the first comment.

Potential Options for Measurement:

  • Length of time spent in continual focus, or flow. Extra points for activities you normally don't enjoy and thus are hard to get into flow.

  • Amount of work done deemed to be of publishable quality where publishable is not necessarily books, but can apply to code, financial reports etc. Anything that achieves a point of quality worthy of showing off to others. The quality bar will no doubt be raised over time so the amount of quality work will fluctuate but some sense of progress can be gained.

  • The amount of times a habi

... (read more)
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