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"human eyes function the same way that camera lenses do, and that you make an image of a thing every time you look at it."

Cameras make a visible image of something. Eyes don't.

Your eyes make audible images, then? You navigate by following particular songs as your pupils turn left and right in their sockets?
I'd think they do. Surely in principle someone could see the image of whatever you're looking at reflected off the retina from the inside of your eye. It's only not visible in the sense that nobody's inside your eyeball and the image is probably very dim.
When I see something with my eyes, they transfer into my mind data that I use to create a visible image.

This post crystallizes some arguments I've been trying to make in decision theory. Certain representations of decision theory suggest that propositions (or "events") get values, but I've thought that only "states" (maximal descriptions of the complete state of the world) should get values. Their position, as far as I can tell, comes down to thinking that since every proposition has an expected value, we can use this as the value of the proposition. Thinking of this as a type error cuts right through that. (ps, I'm a philosopher too,... (read more)