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Correspondence Bias

Eliezer Yudkowsky : But the actual topic of this blog is cognitive bias and rationality

This is exactly what I mean, there are strong cognitive biases underlying the singularitarian ideas and since your "best analogies, metaphors, and examples tend to involve Singularity/transhumanism" don't be surprised they are questionned.

By contrast, this is a much more interesting comment. Which deserves its upvote.
Personally, I think it is because, in this post, all you are really saying is: "Who cares? Whether I press red button or the green button is irrelevant.". This opinion is completely disregarding the topic, the topic being, rather, the psychology of one's opinion of others' and one's own actions. This article is saying, in essence, one believes one's own actions are perfectly normal due to one's natural subjective sympathy of one's self, due to false consensus, due to extenuating circumstances, or any other reason, and that one's actions cannot, in any way, be credited due to innate personality traits. However, on the other hand, one, unable to ascertain the single one of many possible circumstances that may have befallen another individual, automatically assumes that others' actions are due to innate personality traits, for lack of further information. This discussion is not, in any way, about the point or pointlessness of the example presented in order to aid in the further understanding of correspondence bias. Therefore, your post is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand and contribute nothing to the discussion. That is, most likely, why people keep down-voting your posts.

Nope - I imagine it's because some of your comments are snarky and don't actually add anything to the discussion.

Consolidated Nature of Morality Thread

Anna : For you.

No this is not a personal opinion, the fact that ethical behavior is for a large part innate is shown by psychological studies, and also philosopy back to millenia ago, Confucius and more.

Anna : A religious person may feel that their ethical behavior is governed by their faith.

Young children "feel" that some of the gifts they get are from Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, because they are told that.

Anna : I believe in Something as opposed to Nothing but I am not a theist. I don't believe in Gods or Goddesses. I don't see how that's r... (read more)

Consolidated Nature of Morality Thread

Anna : I guess this weird one is not smart enough to grasp your intellectual ideas. Thanks for your time, it has been interesting.

This is a lame trick! My point was, ethical behavior is not "governed" by faith, it is endorsed by faith. I suppose you are a theist, aren't you?

Consolidated Nature of Morality Thread

I know these questions don't fit into the main discussion of the thread, my apology.

Weirder and weirder, why would this thread have been titled "Consolidated Nature of Morality"?

For me, morality is about the ethical behavior of individuals or groups.

Playing with definitions, morality see ethics, ethics see morality, what's the point?

Can ethical behavior exist without the rules and regulations that have been governed by faith?

As far as I know ethical behavior is not "governed" by faith, it is endorsed by faith. The primary source of mora... (read more)

Consolidated Nature of Morality Thread

Anna : If anybody has a moment, I am curious to know how morals can exist without faith?

Huh? Aren't you confusing morality with fear of retribution? I am curious to know what you think morality is about!

Consolidated Nature of Morality Thread

Eliezer, was your previous thread "Your Rationality is My Business" about moral judgments or factual beliefs? It seems you want to discuss the nature of morality WITHOUT discussing more "elementary" assumptions about our relationships to "reality" or "the world at large" or "the universe", etc... Even the wording above is controversial and a matter of debate. Sweeping these questions "under the rug" is surely not the way to clarify the discussion about "morality" and reach any kind of co... (read more)

Lotteries: A Waste of Hope

RH : I believe every person should do his best to discern what is positive.

Of course but the consensus is not obvious.

the potential entropy of the Universe is truly huge

We certainly are not going to exhaust the potential entropy of the whole universe (though some seem intent on that...) but we can locally exhaust all the potential within reach and by this very fact compromise our access to more "distant" potential.