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An online prediction market with reputation points

Ok, I'll add that question soon. And thanks for the mention!

An online prediction market with reputation points

Fair enough. I guess points just won't track 'reputation' for people like you with a more fluid online presence. But I still think that's not a serious problem - enough people have a clear online identity that I think the trading will mostly be sensible.

An online prediction market with reputation points

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this! I'm a bit more optimistic that these problems will be solvable, though.

There's a zero bound to losing bets, so the game incents taking on too much risk. If you go broke, just start again.

You could start again with a different Facebook account, but that wouldn't be attached to your real identity. In order to earn reputation points attached to your regular Facebook account, you'd have to bet carefully. If people create lots of accounts anyway, it's not too big a deal - as long as the ... (read more)

Ick. Why would I want a single "regular" Facebook account? My identity and online personae are more fluid than that implies, and I really do _not_ want a private company to control what people believe about me.