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Open thread, Jan. 23 - Jan. 29, 2017

This handbook is about climate change and how debunking can actually backfire.

John Cook is an instructor on EDX's Making Sense of Climate Science Denial course.

Polarization is the problem, "normalization" is the answer

Normative means: 1) relating to an ideal standard or model 2) being based on what is considered to be the usual way of doing something.

I think using the word normative while discussing how-things-are versus how-things-should-be is a bad strategy.

Perhaps we should Taboo the term normative.


Open Thread May 30 - June 5, 2016

The article listed 8 or so common errors in reasoning about continuums. The article was rather clever in its use of categories and naming and also gave excellent examples. I want to use it as an aid in teaching/explaining rather than in self-learning.

Open Thread May 30 - June 5, 2016

Help request. I am looking for an article/posting that I once read, the topic of which was reasoning about continuums , like Less Wrong's Fallacy of Grey . I think I originally found the article through a link on Less Wrong but I have been unable to locate it. Any suggestions?

Knowledge Dump: Pomodoros

I used to view pomodoro timers as good for production type work but not for creative, in the zone work. This model served me well. There have been a few surprises. I had assumed that studying was creative work and therefore would not benefit from a timer. Barbara Oakley's Coursera course "Learning how to Learn" recommends the use of a pomodoro for studying. Both the coursera course and her book "A Mind For Numbers" goes into why this is the case.

Fix my Friends Head

Please seek qualified medical help. This forum is not the place to be posting medical issues. We are not Doctors. Take care of yourself. Get well soon.

How did you come to find LessWrong?

Via Google. I was searching for a more in-depth discussion on cognitive biases. Found Overcoming Bias first then I found Less Wrong. Presently I'm working my way through the sequences.