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"Trying to signal wisdom by refusing to make guesses - refusing to sum up evidence - refusing to pass judgment."

I use this non-committal stalling defense when I have not concluded which response will gain the most / cost the least, or when the question is one I don't want to answer for fear it will diminish my status, or for which I have not yet devised a rationalisation.

Well, it all seems to be cause and effect, and until effects overlap/intersect, we remain unaware and unaffected. Afterwards, in retrospect we can deem things this or that.

"In a long essay called 'What is Life', the great physicist Erwin Schrödinger comes up with the following argument: Given that i) my body functions as a pure mechanism according to laws of nature, and that ii) I know by direct experience that I am directing the motions of my body, it follows that iii) I am the one who directs the atoms of the world in their motions. Schrödinger remarks, ' is daring to give to this conclusion the simple wording that it requires. In Christian terminology to say, "Hence I am God Almighty" sounds both blasphemous and lunatic.'" I believe this summary is Rudy Rucker's from his book "Seek!". It does seem to wrap up consciousness/God/Thou Art Physics into a neat little bundle. A bundle of crazy? Perhaps, but a neat and little one.