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Procedural Knowledge Gaps

I think there's also the question if the "I'd rather just be friends." said in the context of rejecting an invite to a date actually means "I want to be your friend." or is just a polite way of saying "I don't want to go on a date with you.". In the former case trying to cultivate a friendship will be more useful than in the latter...

Akrasia Tactics Review

I don't think the problem is that I think it is hard. It's more like that I end up thinking something else, like in daydreaming or unintentionally in meditation. Which is why meditation helps with it.

The second alternative is that I'm too conflicted about the thing I'm trying. But that would call for conflict-resolution technique rather than motivation technique. :)

Akrasia Tactics Review
  • Getting Things Done: +4. Makes a big difference, but the problem is that it requires the complete system. It works well when everything is included, but eventually I end up skipping a weekly review and the usefulness drops fast. Another thing is that I have to include everything I'm going to do in it. Including "for-fun" activities. If I don't, it's going to turn into a list of things I don't want to do and I'll resist looking at the whole list. Up-to-date it's worth more than +4, but since it doesn't usually stay that way...
  • Meditation: +3. Cal
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1pjeby12yThe thought/feeling that it's hard is just another thought. Let go of it too, and it'll become easier, at least in that moment. ;-)
Improving The Akrasia Hypothesis

I think the next time I hear about a productivity technique, I'll think about which of these categories it fits in. Consider that a compliment.

Regarding the writing style, I thought the abstract went a with overboard with academic formality, though that might have been because I was contrasting it to previous writing I have seen from you. The rest of the article was well written. The biggest improvement is only using emphases when they count.

3pjeby12yI will, but I do hope you'll also think about which of the categories your particular situation fits, so you can look for techniques in the appropriate categories and subcategories. ;-)
Extreme Rationality: It's Not That Great

Few people claim to do the same thing with their time; why is that different?

Actually I've been repeatedly recommended to track my time usage as a means of being aware of wasting it and then improving my time management.

Alas, I haven't yet gotten around to actually trying it.

Incremental Progress and the Valley

But if you don't care about the truth - and you have nothing to protect - and you're not attracted to the thought of pushing your art as far as it can go - and your current life seems to be going fine - and you have a sense that your mental well-being depends on illusions you'd rather not think about -

..then it may already be too late, since the seed of doubt is already planted.

I wish. People seem capable of sustaining themselves in this state for indefinite periods.

How to Not Lose an Argument

I find it very hard to consider that anything but nitpicking. Although that's probably because my native language is Finnish and it doesn't have separate third person pronouns for different genders. I don't think that distinction is worth making.

Then again, since English does have he and she, perhaps one can't avoid it.

2thomblake13yI agree. And after studying Japanese, I started to find it silly that English (like most Western languages) makes the distinction between 'singular' and 'plural'. Like whether we're talking about exactly 1 thing or any number other than 1 is information important enough to encode with every noun, but it's usually not worth mentioning what the particular number is. ETA: exactly what Nebu said below.
Tell Your Rationalist Origin Story

I have very few memories of my childhood (or indeed anything older than a few weeks), but perhaps the turning point I remember was in Lutheran confirmation school when the priest was discussing conscience. I realized that the notion of God was actually superfluous and everything that had been said would stand as well without it. After this I looked at every discussion and explanation with different eyes and soon lost my faith, although I dind't officially leave religion until four years later after high school.

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