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How To Get Into Independent Research On Alignment/Agency

Thank you for replying adamShimi and providing your perspective on this matter.

Regarding benefits, are there other things you desire beside grant administration and employment status? 

How To Get Into Independent Research On Alignment/Agency

Yes. Thank you for your time and replying to my question.

Giving a perspective from another country that is far more annoying in administrative terms (France), grant administration can be a real plus. I go through a non-profit in France, and they can take care of the taxes and the declarations, which would be a hassle. In addition, here being self-employed is really bad for many things you might want to do (rent a flat, get a loan, pay for unemployment funds), and having a real contract helps a lot with that.

How To Get Into Independent Research On Alignment/Agency

Almost there. My question was actually concerning the expected benefits from affiliating with an independent researcher institute. For example, an independent researcher would expect to receive grant administration (if funded) and virtual infrastructure services as benefits from Theiss Research in exchange for their affiliation.

Please let me know if there is a need for further clarification. 

Oh cool, that is what you were asking. I guess Steve's got you covered, then; I don't really know any more about it.
How To Get Into Independent Research On Alignment/Agency

Hi johnswentworth,

Would you have some spare time in the next few weeks to discuss with me the benefits an independent researcher should expect to receive from joining an independent researcher institute?

You can reach me at 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

If you're talking about Theiss or Ronin or IGDORE or things like that, see discussion here.

It's a very short discussion: there is no independent researcher institute. There are independent researchers, and we have no institute; that's what independent research (in the most literal sense) means. ... ok, actually, there is kind of an independent researcher institute. It's called the Ronin Institute []. I'm not affiliated with them at all, and don't really know much about them. My understanding is that they provide an Official-Sounding Institute for independent researchers (in basically any academic field) to affiliate with, and can provide a useful social circle of other independent researchers. Again, I have no connection to them at all, and no particular advice about them. [EDIT: never mind, go follow Steve's links above.] My guess is that you intended to ask a different question than that. Can you give an example of the sort of thing you're asking about?