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If physics is many-worlds, does ethics matter?

How would many worlds reconcile itself with consciousness problem?

If each being (lets assume organic matter conducting electrical impulses as a 'being' ie. bacteria, plant, human) is capable of somehow making decisions on its own volition (move, eat, crap) then each being would have infinite splits of its own world. But each of this already split worlds would have been also split in 0 time by other beings residing within this being world, as all beings have equal power over their decisions. Is such universe even energetically possible? Is such universe anywhere optimal? How such universe would support its own existence where its state is magically changing in 0 time, infinitely?

I could only solve it by imagining that each being has its own separate reality in which other things only exists for said being to be manipulated (by decisions made), therefore, ethics is purely artificial concept.

However, this solution is paradoxical to many worlds hypothesis as there is only one world for one being.

I am not fixed here on any of solutions.