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Lots of ideas here. They only seem to work if God is primarily concerned about fairness on earth. What if God is not so concerned about our circumstance as He in our response to circumstance. After all, He has an eternal perspective, while our perspective is limited by what we see of life. If this were true, then earth, and our existence, are like a big machine designed specifically to sort out the few good from the bad. Being raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, I’m sure you encountered countless examples in the bible where bad stuff happened to go... (read more)

In particular as an Orthodox Jew he should be very familiar with Deuteronomy, Isaiah, and Jeremiah where the scattering of the Jews and there centuries of oppression and persecution are predicted as well as there eventual gathering after they have reached the point that they thought they were going to be forgotten forever and utterly destroyed, such that the survivors of the horrors are predicted to say at the number of them, these where did they come from? for we were left alone to paraphrase Isaiah 49:21.