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Young kids catching COVID: how much to worry?

I've also been looking for posts like this, slapdash as you may feel it is (but well-organized!) I have been considering going to an outdoor cookout including our <10yo kids where maybe 25% of the adults are vaccine-hesitant and won't have masks. microCOVID didn't seem to have enough options for me to model this type of group, but I just realized I could do a calculation by only including the number of people likely to be unvaccinated. We decided to go with our kids masked (either surgical or filtered) and distanced, but it's a big step as the first event we will have attended outside our bubble.

Open & Welcome Thread - July 2020

I'm not the above person, but I've been homeschooling mine for a few years. I don't know how common that is among LessWrong users, and I'm new here, but I can try to answer questions / otherwise contribute if it would be helpful. (I have no experience with forest school, though.)

I value being able to choose curricula and methods. I love learning and relearning aspects of every subject along with the kids. I would not want to try to teach a classroom of other people's children, but working with my own has been great so far.

Yeah I’d love to hear more about it. Anything you can share. And that could be a good material for a post too,
Open & Welcome Thread - June 2020

Hello; just joined; working through the Library. I appreciate the combination of high standards and welcoming tone. I'm a homeschooling (pre-Covid-19) parent in the US South, so among other things I'm looking forward to finding thoughts here on education for children.

I found Slate Star Codex before LessWrong and hope this doxxing/outing situation works out safely.

There are certainly a lot of people here interested in the same topic! Jeff ( []) is probably the most prolific poster on raising children, though his kids are still quite young. Good luck and have fun!
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