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  • Disappointment in sexual love is one of the most destructive forces on the planet, today, and our cultures lack the capacity to understand or work on this problem.
  • There is a living spiritual ecology, that we are all participating in. All living beings are striving, in one way or another, towards the divine world. The most important thing we can work towards, is the development of a society of dream, and this is the religious orientation for humanity.

"Hi, my name is Lion Kimbro. I identify as conscious."

A solid point.

Killing someone who isn't (never has been, never will be) conscious is about as morally consequential as turning off a computer, closing a video game, or breaking a rock in two. :/ I'm not sure where that takes this conversation really, but it is interesting. Or maybe it's morally nearer -- smashing mannequins. Not sure where it is -- there's definitely a difference. And there's always the possibility that a person just doesn't know that they're conscious. Or they're just pretending to be asleep, or what have you. (Jaron Lanier: You can't wake someone up who's pretending to be asleep.)

"Paper people."