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I think you're spot on with the "internally predictable world". One can observe patterns in the world, and make the bet that these originate from an underlying regularity.

Then there are no evidence, only experiences that are more compatible (in the Bayesian sense) with one model than with an other, which you use to make the bet that this model is more likely to predict the regularities well than other models.

I have just like you a lot of .pdf and articles saved in Pocket. Once a month I go through all of them and add those I really want to read to "Next Actions" (GTD style). I try to keep the number within what I know that I am able to do every month, like 10-15, and if the next month I have not finished I know I need to put less

This kinda works

I think that the attitude you're talking about is not what is commonly understood as "moral nihilism". You are saying "nihilism will say that there are no right or wrong answers to [the question what to do]", but even the question "what should I do from a moral point of view?" is irrelevant in the moral nihilist stance.

I'd say that you're conflating the non-existence of moral reasons (that's the nihilist claims) with the non-existence of all reasons. It does not seem like being a nihilist implies that you d... (read more)

Hey, can you give reference for "Tasting exercises from the book Taste"? There seems to have at least two

Ah yes, sorry about that! Some of the exercises are available here []; there are more in the book :)

Can I have a link to the discord server you're talking about?

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Sure []

Great article! I seek to embody this attitude when I converse

I finished "Thinking fast and slow" a few days ago, and I have remarks.

1) You say

The terms “System 1 and System 2” suggest just that: two distinct, clearly defined systems with their own distinctive properties and modes of operation.

Kahneman is aware of that and tries to prevent it. A quote from the conclusion of the book :

And of course you also remember that the two systems do not really exist in the brain or anywhere else. “System 1 does X” is a shortcut for “X occurs automatically.” And “Sy
... (read more)
Being pro-actively social, learning social interaction and dynamics.

Could you give precisions on what you did to improve?

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Thanks for letting me know about yet another of his projects. JG has an interesting style of presentation, I enjoyed many of his Crash course episodes. Glad that we now have 1 more similarity :) That said, it seems like the things he reviews in his podcasts are a bit too wide and too spontaneous. My goal for the proposed system is that it get aggregated reviews on only stuffs that help us improve, thus the chosen words of theory, technique, method, model/modus... You know, things that many LWers are crazy about.

In your Daily Tracker, what's the difference between "life satisfaction" and "Overall"?

Thanks for the Alex Vermeer's rework I'll probably use it :)

Glad it is useful! Did you see the comments in the google sheet? Just hover over the cells. Overall is your measure of how the day was overall as a hedonic experience while life satisfaction is satisfaction with life as a whole on that particular day.