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I totally agree, Eliezer. Yet I like making references to science fiction when I discuss the future when discussing with friends, or on my blog for a couple of reasons:

  • It's a strong argument in favor of accelerating change: the technology that exists today is way beyond many of the gadgets depicted in SF from a few decades back which predicted them for 1500 years later. And, even more impressing is that these gadgets are cheap and available to anyone, at least in rich countries (mobile phones, the Web, GPS, iPods...). If anything, it stresses how common

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I've noticed that it's not so much that our technology is better as it is that it's completely different. Science fiction routinely includes things that are physically impossible. We invent things that never occurred to authors. What you're really doing is using science fiction to illustrate that you can't predict the future by relying on science fiction.
I can't help but notice that many (all?) of these questions seem dependent on how closely the AGI resembles a neurotypical human.
Depends. What does the robot identify as?