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Great post. I think there may be something to be said about a connection between clinging and the concept of 'transparency' in philosophy of mind - which refers to the property certain qualia has of not being experienced as a representation, but as reality itself, or some other less definable thing. It seems to me that states of clinging involve significant transparency, in that I am not interpreting my emotions as emotions, but am instead helplessly persuaded by or convinced of them in some peculiar way that makes them go, in some sense, unnoticed. You me... (read more)

2Joe Carlsmith3y
Thanks :). I do think clinging often functions as an unnoticed lens on the world; though noticing it, in my experience, is also quite distinct from it "releasing." I also would've thought that depression can be an unnoticed (or at least, unquestioned) lens as well: e.g., a depressed person who is convinced that everything in the world is bad, that they'll never feel better again, etc.