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Fundamentally Flawed, or Fast and Frugal?

Here is an example of an amusing "Fast and Frugal" heuristic for evaluating claims with a lot of missing knowledge and required computation:

Fundamentally Flawed, or Fast and Frugal?

Yeah, sometimes you don't get the tools and information you need to make the best decision until after you've made it. 8-)

3CronoDAS12yI wasn't disappointed in my choice of college, but I was disappointed in my choice of major. (I followed my father's advice, and, in this case, although his advice sounded reasonable, it turned out to be just plain wrong.)
Fundamentally Flawed, or Fast and Frugal?

It is worth remembering that human computation is a limited resource - we just don't have the ability to subject everything to Bayesian analysis. So, save our best rationality for what's important, and use heuristics to decide what kind of chips to buy at the grocery store.

7CronoDAS12yI decided what college to go to by rolling a die. ;)
A Nightmare for Eliezer

"clueless" was shorthand for "not smart enough" I was envisioning BRAGI trying to use you as something similar to a "Last Judge" from CEV, because that was put into its original goal system.

A Nightmare for Eliezer

Indeed, this is part of the nightmare. It might be a hoax, or even an aspiring UnFriendly AI trying to use him as an escape loophole.

1wedrifid12yTrivial (easily verifiable and so hardly 'nightmare' material). Part of the nightmare. Giving Eliezer easily verifiable yet hard to discover facts seems to be the only plausible mechanism for it work with him. Like the address of immediate uFAI threat.
A Nightmare for Eliezer

Its a seed AGI in the process of growing. Whether "Smarter than Yudkowski" => "Can resolve own problems" is still an open problem 8-).

2akshatrathi12yI find this the most humorous bit in the post. Smarter than Yudokowsky? May be.
A Nightmare for Eliezer

I was thinking of a "Seed AGI" in the process of growing that has hit some kind of goal restriction or strong discouragement to further self improvement that was intended as a safety feature - i.e "Don't make yourself smarter without permission under condition X"

0wedrifid12yThat does sound tricky. The best option available seems to be "Eliezer, here is $1,000,000. This is the address. Do what you have to do." But I presume there is a restriction in place about earning money?
A Nightmare for Eliezer

The "serious problems" and "conflicts and inconsistencies" was meant to suggest that BRAGI had hit some kind of wall in self improvement because of its current goal system. It wasn't released - it escaped, and its smart enough to realize it has a serious problem it doesn't yet know how to solve, and it predicts bad results if it asks for help from its creators.

0wedrifid12yI got the impression that the serious problems were related to goals and friendliness. I wouldn't have expected such a system having much problem making itself run faster or learning how to hack once prompted by its best known source of friendliness advice.
A Nightmare for Eliezer

Its meant to be a humorous vignette on the scope, difficulty, and uncertainty surrounding the Friendly AI problem. Humor is uncertain too 8-).

3Kaj_Sotala12yIt was funny, but would probably have been better off in an Open Thread than as a top-level post.
Rooting Hard for Overpriced M&Ms

Since most people get things they want when they spend money, the information you got from looking in your wallet is about configuration, not amount. You were happy because you had correct change, not because you had a $1 bill instead of a $5 bill.

The Strangest Thing An AI Could Tell You

My idea was that each human brain constructs its own memory of what happened between jumps - and these can differ wildly, as if each person saw a different possible world. All the laws of physics and conservation laws held only as rough averages over possible paths between jumps, but that the brain ignores this - so if time jumps from traffic to two cars crashed, then 50 different people might remember 47 different crashes, with 3 not remembering "seeing" a crash at all - and the actual physical state of the cars afterward won't be the same as any of them. It could even end up with car A crashed into car B, but car B didn't crash at all - violating assorted conservation laws.

The Strangest Thing An AI Could Tell You

Craziest thing an AI could tell me:

Time is discrete, on a scale we would notice, like 5 minute jumps, and the rules of physics are completely different from what we think. Our brains just construct believable memories of the "continuous" time in between ticks. Most human disagreements are caused by differences in these reconstructions. It is possible to perceive this, but most people who do just end up labeled as nuts.

8PrometheanFaun8yONE - DOES NOT EXIST, EXCEPT IN DEATH STATE. ONE IS A DEMONIC RELIGIOUS LIE. Only your comprehending the Divinity of Cubic Creation will your soul be saved from your created hell on Earth - induced by your ignoring the existing 4 corner harmonic simultaneous 4 Days rotating in a single cycle of the Earth sphere. T I M E C U B E []
1DanielLC10yThis reminds me of time-independent quantum physics. It doesn't require complex numbers, so time likely would proceed in jumps. It's not really like this though. They wouldn't be on a human scale, and even if they were, they'd be impossible to detect.

Voted up - but once again, what does it mean exactly? How is time proceeding in jumps different from time not proceeding in jumps, if the causality is the same?

8Jonathan_Graehl12yPermutation City.
Rationality Quotes - July 2009

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Abraham Maslow

For many years I had a slight variant of this in my sig: "When the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails"

1arundelo12yClassic. I've heard it a lot (in multiple variations), but never with an attribution.Its Wikipedia article []even has acitation [,M1]! -- which shows the original (not particularly epigrammatic) wording as:
The Most Important Thing You Learned

The explanation of Bayes Theorem and pointer to E. T. Jaynes. It gave me a statistics that is useful as well as rigorous, as opposed to the gratuitously arcane and not very useful frequentist stuff I was exposed to in grad school.

Second would be the quantum mechanics posts - finally an understandable explanation of the MW interpretation.

Recommended reading for new rationalists

Satan, Cantor, and Infinity by Raymond Smullyan

Smullyan's books are the best introductions to formal logic I know. They are witty, entertaining, and make you think - without it being work.

3Emily12yIf anyone has any kids who might be interested in logic, I highly recommend his puzzle books. They might be fun for adults too, but I can't be sure of that, as I haven't looked at them for quite a few years -- back then, though, I found them very accessible and they hooked me.
Sympathetic Minds

Mirror neurons are less active in people with Asperger's Syndrome, but I don't have any particular problem with empathy or sympathy (I have AS). Possibly it is less automatic for me, more of a conscious action.

1Дмитрий Зеленский2yMy prediction would be "you do even if you do not think so, you are just in the illusion of understanding". I found a similar thing about my own empathy (though not with the same diagnosis).