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These experiences sound like synesthesia, in case anyone's unfamiliar with the concept and wants further reading.

The "forensic astronomer" is a dead link, here's the last version of it on

Oops, I actually wasn't aware of that.

Small terminology gripe on the fifth paragraph - "men's rights activist" is, as far as I know, that group's nomenclature of choice, while very few feminists would self-identify as "radical". Comes off as slightly non-neutral.

Radical feminism is a fairly specific theoretical tradition with which people do in fact self-identify, not just the condition of being really really feminist.

"Radical" in feminist parlance isn't a judgment call or a marker of extremism -- it describes a particular school of thought, one which favors overturning existing gender dynamics rather than incrementally changing or working within them. I've met several self-identified radical feminists.

Centrists view "radical" as a derogatory term, but I've come across lots of folks who embrace it.

I don't think these statements are entirely vacuous. Even when their content is little more than a tautology, their actual meaning is something else entirely, at least in politics; they represent that the speaker is aware of the jargon, willing to use it, essentially moderate/"pragmatic" and prone to maintaining the status quo.