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Does blockchain technology offer potential solutions to some AI alignment problems?

One thing you're missing: cryptography is secured by say, the difficulty of factoring large numbers, but cryptocurrencies are secured by no one being able to take over more than 51% of the network's processing (in proof-of-work currencies, like Bitcoin). They're kind of the same technology, but cryptocurrencies are relying on a second-order effect.

Put another way: this "hardness" isn't a fundamental computational limit, but more of an enforced limitation because other parties want to verify your computation. 

Also, one hole in your idea: the actual mac... (read more)

1pilord3moI agree that's a risk for proof-of-work chains like Bitcoin, but say Ethereum completes its move to proof-of-stake. Then the AI would need to own 51% of Ethereum, and if the stakers don't want to sell, it seems like the AI is stuck. 51% is not as good as 100%, sure, a single veto point is not enough, but it is half as good and would seem to buy you time (as I would imagine people would become suspicious of any entity that accumulated too much ethereum, effectively).