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2DaFranker9yAn attempt at formulating an explanation for the negativity might begin with: "Your posts so far contain many critical and extremely destructive mistakes outlined in the Sequences [], the core material usually discussed on this site and generally assumed to be at least partially understood by most commenters." However, I find myself having trouble identifying further probable causes. I suspect the main reason for this is that when I read your posts, there's something out there in the back of my mind screaming bloody murder get me away from here arggh!... in a manner very similar to what I described in response to your post in the Welcome to LessWrong topic. If you're confident that this place is somewhere you want to be, it would be most prudent to read the above-linked Sequences and re-think your approach when writing comments - a personal tip would be to start smaller, make simpler, less-bold assertions, and use the feedback on those to more clearly build a mental model of the norms and standards of this community. Otherwise, as Eliezer suggested, you'd best start looking elsewhere.
2Eliezer Yudkowsky9yAll of your recent comments have been downvoted. I suggest pursuing other forum opportunities online - LessWrong is not a good fit for you. Goodbye.
6hairyfigment9yI downvoted you because you keep plugging your book, and your comments suggest I'd gain nothing by reading it. Also you don't seem to have engaged with the reasons for that impression, though people have tried to point some of them out. Perhaps you should start by assuming that you have no clue what we believe, and keep that in mind as you read the links someone gave you.
5wedrifid9yYour challenge here prompted me to downvote each of them myself, after a brief confirmation. The multiple advertisements for your "book" also don't help. Downvotes mean "I want to see less comments like this one". Since this currently applies to every one of your comments you may consider contrasting your comments with the ones that are voted highly and seeing if there are any features worth emulating.
Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

I am a new member and have been looking at Blogs for the first time over the past few weeks. I have written a book, finished last month, which deals with many of the issues about reasoning discussed at this site, but I attempt to cut through them somewhat, as there is so much potential in the facts out there to be ordered that I don't spend a lot of time considering the theory relating to my reasoning in providing some order to it in my book. I discuss reasoning, and many of the principles raised in posts here, but my interest is in reasonably framing the ... (read more)

1thomblake9yFolks, a reminder that downvotes against introduction posts on the "Welcome" thread are frowned upon. There's nothing in the parent comment that should be sufficient to override that norm.
An Intuitive Explanation of Solomonoff Induction

Could you possibly provide a simple reason why it is wrong, to let me know what to look for if I go to your links? It is fine if you have no time to provide a simple reason, rather than "this seems wrong", but I would much prefer any reason at all or any reasoning at all. Just a short sentence would be fine to address your key point. Otherwise it appears disrespectful, like "back to the drawing board, lad" without any reason whatesoever. I am happy to argue my post above, which explains very clearly the meaning of the quote you chose. but I cannot go chasing rabbits of a decription I do not know, were I to chase rabbits. See this as a challenge Vladimir, in response to what seems a lazy reply.

6Vladimir_Nesov9yInduction, creativity or any other aspect of intelligence can run on a completely deterministic computation, and in a certain sense require determinism/structure to be expressed. The aspect of intelligence and choice that feels like it requires arbitrariness or uncertainty results from logical uncertainty, from not knowing some of the facts implied by what you already know, including the facts you yourself determine.
-2MugaSofer9yWhy would the "spiritual" nature of a hypothesis render it more certain? Or have I misunderstood you?
6Vladimir_Nesov9yThis seems wrong, see Lawful intelligence [], Free will [].