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In using the term Antifragilism, I am simply referring to the broad pursuit of Antifragility (to avoid conflating this with the property of something itself being Antifragile). This seemed unambiguous to me, but perhaps I should edit to add this, if it is a cause for confusion. I have resisted the temptation to define Antifragility myself, as Taleb does a better job.

"Plenty of old traditions aren't antifragile, they are just robust because they stand the test of time."

This is basically one of the things I'm getting at - it seems to be a common failure mo

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Interesting links - thanks for the wikipedia rabbit-hole :)

I initially interpreted your comment as considering Pragmatism to have the kind of "this belief is useful to me, so I will continue to behave as though it is true" attitude that is used to defend religious beliefs that make people happy. I would have disagreed with this interpretation, but after reading what you linked, I see that your point was much more subtle.

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