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What if consciousness is a staccato frame-rate that seems continuous only because memory is ontologically persistent and the experiential narrative is spatiotemporally consistent โ€“ and therefore neurologically predictable?

Or maybe the brain works faster than the frame-rate required for the impression of quotidian conscious identity? That is to say, brains are able to render - at any moment - a convincing selfhood (consciousness complete with sense of its own history) thatโ€™s perceptually indistinguishable from an objective continuity of being; but could jus... (read more)

Doesn't it become too restrictive to work independently in small teams once the work requires significant resources (technology, specialized equipment, access to outside expertise, singular laboratory conditions, etc etc)? With good reason graduate students to find a place in the most advanced, cutting edge faculty.

Consider. Just on its own, the relatively small Clinical Medicine (Engineering) "school" at Cambridge University has 36,000 ($200 million) clinical and medical devices at one of its sites. Plus access through the Department of Engineering to bil... (read more)

LW paradigm right here. Interesting too.

It's worth considering the wages/worker exploitation angle from top down too, because that's where the deck gets stacked, against both capital and labor.

We can spotlight symptoms of undervalued workers and debate ways this undervaluing may be, potentially, ameliorated e.g. by imposing a minimum wage. But while government is a de facto enforcer for monopolistic interests AGAINST the free market, arguing for more libertarian or a more socialist approach to wages is pishing into the wind.

We're not at the point where arguments over libertarian or socialist or ... (read more)

>We're not at the point where arguments over libertarian or socialist or free market capitalist matter. Yeah, I think I agree with what you're saying. I'm trying to understand the hypothetical ideal-er situation (as a mathematical / scientific puzzle that touches on lots of stuff).

What a generous, personable post! Good-natured and earnest in the best Scandinavian tradition.

(Notes to self:

  • American-half thinks "interesting, naive and harmless dinner party exposition" but happy to read more thoughts as they develop.
  • English-half thinks "pedestrian dilettante waffle" and files the post under time-wasters.)

Let me stress, in case it's not clear, I'm saying ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ excellent essay on a subject we (as a society of individuals) badly need to address ASAP; in a way that scales into extant power hierarchies, without simply abstracting to create another corrupted homogeneity.

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What is a pedestrian dilettante waffle? It sounds delicious.