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MIRI location optimization (and related topics) discussion

Super-tangential, I know, but there are at least two Austin bakeries that bake a range of fresh kolaches every day, and 

Meetup : Austin, TX - HPMoR Wrap Party

I went and had fun! I'll be going to them every week, in the absence of other plans.

Meetup : Melbourne social meetup

Hi! I'm from Sydney, but I'm visiting Melbourne this week and I keep seeing note about these regular Melbourne meetups. So I might head down there. I have dinner with my family around 7, so I'm not sure what time I can get there. Hope to meet some of you there!

Drawing Less Wrong: An Introduction

Wow, sounds great. I'm really looking forward to this :)

A Rational Approach to Fashion

It helped teach me a few valuable thought-processes which should help optimise my social life. I'm glad it's here.

Expecting Beauty

I think you could use Kolgomorov complexity to define simple, for these purposes. That way replacing your formula with "5##" wouldn't make it any simpler, because the machine would still have to execute all those multiplicative operations.

How can we be sure we have the simplest explanation? We can't be sure, because new data could come in to make us change our minds. But given a finite amount like {1, 2, ...} we can still weight possible formulae by Kogomorov complexity and prefer the simpler hypothesis.

I think natural numbers is simpler in this... (read more)

Mini-camp on Rationality, Awesomeness, and Existential Risk (May 28 through June 4, 2011)

When you say you'll cover the cost of flights, does this include international trips?

1AnnaSalamon10yWe'll cover the costs of some flights, in special cases. Most people will have to get here on their own. As to international attendees... yes, we'll consider covering those flights, too, if needed. JoeW's reasoning below is basically correct; given a limited budget, it's better to fly in less expensive people when all else is equal; but the ratios are less extreme than he suggests, since flights are only part of the total costs.
5JoeW10yAs someone in Australia this is also relevant to my interests. :) However I note in terms of min-maxing, if I were allocating limited scholarship funds, I would want a very compelling reason to bring one international attendee when the same money could perhaps instead result in half a dozen additional USA attendees. I'm obviously not speaking for the SIAI and there is a counter-argument for casting a wider net. (Actually I have no stake in this, if I were to attend it would be self-funded.)
NEW TIME: Sydney Less Wrong meetup, 23/4, 3PM

We're now meeting at 3 instead. Will you be able to make it?

0erratio10yIn case my non-attendance didn't make it clear, no :P
NEW TIME: Sydney Less Wrong meetup, 23/4, 3PM

We're now meeting at 3:00. See you tomorrow!

NEW TIME: Sydney Less Wrong meetup, 23/4, 3PM

Would you be able to make it if we moved to a slightly later time, so Oklord and Erratio could come after work?

0zemaj10ySure. Just post here what you decide. I'll check this page before turning up.
NEW TIME: Sydney Less Wrong meetup, 23/4, 3PM

It's good to see that lots of people would like to come, even if they can't make it to this specific meeting. Hopefully in the future it'll work out better.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Podcast

Thank you! These will be great. I much prefer books to podcasts, but I can't read books while I'm walking to uni :(

In What Ways Have You Become Stronger?

wedrified: I would have, except mutual friends who had been in similar situations with her had tried that, and it made things very awkward between them for a few months. So I had to find a more subtle way.

Alicorn: I just made an overly flirtatious joke and when she didn't respond, I knew what it meant. She's usually very flirtatious with everyone, so it was very unexpected behaviour for her.

4wedrifid10ySmoothly done. Flirtation fulfilling one of its intended roles! In some situations and for some people I actually consider that a beneficial side effect. It doesn't apply to yourself, of course, but some people lack the self awareness or pragmatic ability to evolve relationships in a beneficial direction based on available information and preferences. In such cases the aversive emotion of awkwardness can prompt a healthy response that they are otherwise too naive to consider. Like 'Next!", for example.
In What Ways Have You Become Stronger?

I've become good at resolving fights in my family - people don't understand why the other person's angry, and I can explain the mistakes they're making in terms of probability, or in biases, cognitive science or often status-seeking behaviour, and they understand.

Also, I've become a lot better at managing my life romantically. I kept changing my mind about whether someone had feelings for me - she did, she didn't, she did, she didn't - and I could never be sure if I was re-interpreting evidence to suit my preferred hypothesis. So I decided upon a test, de... (read more)

-4Alicorn10yThis sounds virtuous in terms of empiricism, but testing someone to see if she has feelings for you is kind of a nasty thing to do in general... what was your test?
Don't Fear Failure

Very true. Since starting university I've had many more opportunities to try new things, many of which I didn't think I'd like, but had a small enough failure cost that it seemed worth trying.

I'm now head writer of a university show, in a Madrigal choir and can dance salsa. I'm having a lot of fun.

In social situations, where you fear embarrassment and a status loss if you fail, you could try to cultivate a reputation for giving anything a try. Most people have the same fears, and trying something scary will usually get you respect because you're facing fears others couldn't. Trying and failing at something can actually be a status-raising move.

1atucker10yAgreed. Sebastian Marshall talks about doing things that have a high upside and a low downside [] . I'm trying to do that, but have currently been running into issues with previous commitments (which, luckily, seem to largely run out by the end of April).
Sydney Less Wrong Meetup (cancelled due to lack of interest)

Sigh... I haven't checked "new posts" recently, and would have loved to attend this. I mostly read Less Wrong through its RSS feed, which only shows the promoted posts. Man, I've got to start checking the actual site more often.

3rhollerith_dot_com11yOr read the RSS feed at [] instead of at [].
Less Wrong: Open Thread, September 2010

Sigh... I would consider flying down from Sydney to go to it, but sadly I'm in a show that whole week and have to miss out entirely. Ah well. Hopefully they'll have the audio online, but I would have loved to mingle with people who share my worldview.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010-2011)

Hello! My name's Adam. I've been reading LessWrong since April, but I think this might be my first comment. I usually feel like I don't have much to add :)

I think my awakening as a rationalist can be traced back to reading Plato's Republic when I was 15. While not the typical rationalist text, it did open my eyes to the world of philosophy and logic, and first gave me the hunger for truths.

I found Less Wrong when a rationalist friend of mine badgered me for ages to visit it. This was after a weekend I'd spent in a particularly foul mood because of the shor... (read more)

4simplicio11yJust how I felt. Like I had stumbled across the intellectual equivalent of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.
Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Good morning, people. I'm assuming it's morning somewhere. Adam, from Australia. A friend of mine's been talking about this site for a while now. I had an unusually misanthropic weekend, full of people committing crimes against reason and logic, so I decided to search for some rational thinking. I remembered this place, loved it when I first clicked on, and have subscribed.