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I've been using this app for a while now. While I really like the idea I haven't included it into the list of my favorite useful apps, because there are some points that I find confusing:

  1. The images of the diagrams on top suggest that clicking on them opens a corresponding diagram. That's not the case and thus counter-intuitive. It would be better to make four buttons: Intervals, Tracks, Invteral Diagram and Tracks Diagram.
  2. The Interval Diagram should be a global diagram that displays all interval tracks above each other in different color (which the user
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Would be neat if you updated this link :)
Hey, just saw your comment. Thanks a lot for all the valuable feedback. 1. Yup you are right, the icons are misleading. I should change them. 2. That's a great idea, since Y axis isn't used, I can just stack them vertically! 3. Yeah, I need a help file, I'll get to that eventually. 4. Yup, you are right yet again. I'll change that in the next version. Yeah, $0.99 seems about right. However, I don't have enough users for me to even attempt to charge for the app. Plus, I have lots of other things on my mind and if I start charging for the app I'll need to pay more attention to it.

Actually my curriculum is pretty flexible. The real issue isn't time, but setting clear priorities. I'm not really good at that. I find it pretty difficult to make myself write a story, compared to almost everything else. Also, I could need a better spoon-management system.

Well, you just finished setting some clear priorities in that last comment, didn't you? It sounds like you would be better off leaving yourself enough free time or spoons or whatever to continue writing your stories whenever you feel inspired to do so. But I would advise against setting a schedule where you're forced to write your stories even if you don't feel inspired. That just seems like a bad idea. Anyway, that's just my opinion, I'm no expert on these matters. Oh, and I guess I should admit that my advice may be biased by the fact that I like your stories, and would like to read more of them. Heh, I was about to say that I still think that utilitarianism is the optimal ethical system, but I just realized that utilitarianism is about what you value, not about how to ethically go about achieving those values. There's a rather extreme difference between a utilitronium shockwave scenario without any ethical restrictions, and a version of the utilitronium shockwave scenario with, for example, ethical restrictions against murder and coersion. And, um... who downvoted Metafire's last comment, and why?

That's very interesting. It sounds like you start digging into the problems with level 4 multiverse ethics I plan to write a series of sci-fi novels about. What I have already written (not too much) can be read with Google Wave if you add "" to you contacts and then display the group waves. There are a couple of underlying concepts and questions which come together in my fictional work:

  1. How could a possible positive post-singularity world look like?
  2. How could sci-fi in a possible post-singularity world look
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I should mention that Metafire and I have spent lots of time discussing these concepts, and I am familiar with the ideas he is presenting in this comment. The metaphysics that Metafire is trying to describe here is pretty much identical to what ata described in the post on The mathematical universe: the map that is the territory. Oh, and please excuse the confusing grammar, English isn't Metafire's native language. Metafire lives in Germany. Metafire, please check today's post in my waveblog for some suggestions on how to make the grammar of that comment less confusing. I know I've gotten negative feedback when I've tried to do polls before, but... did anyone actually understand what Metafire was saying in this comment? Even I didn't understand that last paragraph. It will need lots more explanation. Oh, and Metafire and I disagree on the implications of this metaphysics. I believe that this metaphysics doesn't invalidate total hedonic utilitarianism, but Metafire thinks it does, afaik. Oh, and I also disagree with ata about some of the moral conclusions drawn from that post, though these disagreements are probably a matter of intuition and interpretation. Though I suspect that ata did something similar to that mathematical proof that tries to prove that 1=0, by misusing the concept of infinity.

What I am doing:

  1. I registered here on LW today, because this is the first posting I thought I really should comment on. Those two questions are one of the most important and most thought provoking of all. They are even more important than the questions "What do you believe, and why do you believe it?", because most of your believes might not be relevant for your actions at all.
    1. I study mathematics and physics, because
  • 1.1. I want to know what the world is and how it works.
  • 1.1.1. Understanding the world better is generally useful, although
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Is it too late to modify your curriculum? It sounds like you would be much better off leaving yourself enough time to study math and to write your stories.