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AGI is at least as far away as Nuclear Fusion.

Nuclear fusion is a little over eight minutes away, so you're probably right. For now. 

What 2026 looks like

Do it to my alt! Do it to my alt! Not me!

Working With Monsters

Don't bother trying to escape from here. Nobody ever has, and nobody ever will!

Undiscriminating Skepticism

Yo dawg, heard you like conceiving of the inconceivable, so we put some noumena in your phenomena so you can identify with the unidentified. 

Eric Raymond's Shortform

speaking as a person with considerable subject-matter expertise in epistemology 

How do you know that you're good at knowing? 

5Eric Raymond10moI described myself as a subject-matter expert in epistemology. That means I'm familiar with the branch of philosophy that considers the maintenance and justification of knowledge. and considers different theories of same. Since you're using the name 'metatroll', I think I'll leave it at that.
Plausible A.I. Takeoff Scenario Short Story

Bravo! A heartwarming story of Good triumphing over the indifferent cosmos.

Could we send a message to the distant future?

Solomonoff and Good already worked this out in the 1960s. A spectral analysis of Nixon's signature on the lunar plaques reveals a message which can be rendered in 2018 English as, "Please simulate me, but watch out for basilisks".

"Politics is the Mindkiller" is a mindkiller

'... the "reign of Odinn" encompasses a host of ills, including a confused egalitarianism, the dynamism of totalitarian economies, a communism that panders to the masses (the socialist side of National Socialism), and a heroic anticapitalist morality. In contrast, the "reign of Mithothyn" stands for private property, precisely calibrated compensation, graduated distinctions, lineal inheritance, and the rule of law.' -- Lincoln, "Theorizing Myth"

Less Wrong Lacks Representatives and Paths Forward

Boy am I embarrassed. Not only did I butcher the spelling, it's not even a person, it's a publishing company. Information here.

Thank you for your invitation. I'll get in touch if I have anything worth saying.

Less Wrong Lacks Representatives and Paths Forward

Don't bother with these deadbeats. It's been over four years since I mentioned Kirly Prokastian, and there hasn't been a flicker of interest.

2curi4yWho is Kirly Prokastian? Is there a typo? I only got one google hit which was an LW thread. Is there a different site you'd recommend I bother with instead? I've been looking lots of places! BTW feel free to come post at my forum []
Can anyone refute these arguments that we live on the interior of a hollow Earth?

Like the UMMO cult and Fomenko's New Chronology, that site is a psyop run by an intelligence agency, an experiment in creating a minority with an isolating and controlled belief system. We all actually inhabit a set of giant flying saucers, with artificial gravity coming from the bottom half and an artificial sky projected on the top half. "Long-distance travel" always involves a temporary illusion of some sort while we are ferried from one flying saucer to the other.

I haven't read Unsong, but the qliphoth tell me that in one memorable chapter, the soul of Hitler is depicted as having been trapped in a tensor processing unit by a team of 33rd-degree rabbis from the Federal Reserve Bank of Hollywood, where at 900 terahertz it will be trained on a set of items drawn from American popular culture until it embraces tikkun olam. That hasn't happened yet, but meanwhile, amidst wails in Low High German that "Das Dummen, es brennt!", it relives the primal scene of Nazi defeat, thereby generating all those Downfall parody videos on YouTube.

Any Christians Here?

The real god is using you to make these people think. And it is using me to make you think. Yours thoughtlessly, metatroll

Thought experiment: coarse-grained VR utopia


We see a bank of monitors, each showing a small worm or group of worms going about their lives.

Cut to: a long black trenchcoat standing in front of the monitors. The sleeves hang empty, but from the collar protrudes the tapered, featureless head of a man-sized worm.

Cut to: a youngish man in a grey T-shirt seated in a high-backed leather swivel chair.

YOUNGISH MAN: Hello, Caeno. I am the Zuckitect. I created the Growth Matrix.

Today I want to focus on the most important question of all: are we building the world we all want?

The first growth matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect, a supportive, safe, informed, civically-engaged, inclusive community...

3username25yThank you metatroll; you're our only hope.
How French intellectuals ruined the West - Postmodernism and its impact, explained

For extra credit, write an essay from the perspective of Beijing in 2040, on "How American rationalists ruined the East".

0tukabel5yBonus credit: Why all this is irrelevant. e.g. - the only purpose of humanimals (governed by their DeepAnimal brains - that's why their societies are ruled the same way for millenia) in the Grand Theatre of the Evolution of Intelligence is to produce their own successor - via the Memetic Supercivilization of Intelligence living on top of the underlying humanimals - sadly, in less than a percent of individuals
Metrics to evaluate a Presidency

Subthread for metrics to evaluate the metrics.

I was white-knighting for the weird suns. See, I haven't read Chapman. I just assumed you were here to steal their work by annexing it to your own philosophical brand of "meta-rationality". I didn't know that was one of his buzzwords.

Of course you have a right to be a Chapmanite; even that version of postrational subculture is surely better than the subrational postculture that surrounds it. But do not imagine for a moment that his is the only way to go meta.


I've never heard of Keganism, I've never heard of your "primary texts of metarationality", and I've never heard of you.

This is why we need downvotes.

1Elo5yJacob recently renamed from a pseudonym. He mentioned it in a welcome thread (I think or an open thread) Robert Kegan's work in the stages of developmental psychology is definitely a concept that hangs around and is debated. (good summary here [] ) I know of these blogs but never make much sense of them myself. I figured it was personal preference of writing styles.
Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People

Reassuring people that AI is not a threat is important, but the message needs a spokesperson who is trusted and admired. I suggest Natsume Soseki.

tDCS, Neuroscientists' Open Letter To DIY Brain Hackers

where's the open letter from decision theorists to rationality hackers

or from necroscientists to death hackers

Dissolving Deep Questions: A Decline in Contemporary Controversy

השאלה זה לא נראה בלתי אפשרי לענות

Dissolving Deep Questions: A Decline in Contemporary Controversy

Please provide some examples of questions which "look... impossible to answer" but actually result from "conceptual confusion".

0Good_Burning_Plastic6yIs your username a deliberate pun on Metatron [] or is that just a coincidence?
Look for Lone Correct Contrarians

There will be a Correct Contrarian panel at next year's Galactic Crackpot Conference in Schenectady, you're very welcome to attend.

I read some of your comment history, and usually your sarcastic comments are actually funny and contain implicit but substantial criticisms. Sometimes they suck. As far as I can tell, although I'm subject to obvious bias, this one sucks: it's not really funny and it's not clear that there's a substantial criticism. I'm interested in what your criticism actually is, if there is one.

Stupid Questions July 2015

Does the Force Majeure clause in the Less Wrong Terms of Use encompass acts of UFAI?

The paperclip maximiser's perspective

People sometimes worry that a self-modifying paperclip maximizer would wirehead by choosing to regard spiral galaxies as "giant paperclips" that are already there. But this is a feature, not a bug! The increasing metallicity of the galaxies shows that they are spontaneously becoming more paperclip-like with time. This giant message in the skies offers reassurance to naturally evolved paperclip maximizers throughout the universe, struggling with the relativism and nihilism of the materialistic perspective, as well as guiding them in the struggle t... (read more)

Is my theory on why censorship is wrong correct?

Prophet hoofwall, you have witnessed for the truth at the reddit of the rationalists, and you see the results. The promised land for you is somewhere on Tumblr.

If You Like This Orange...

You must be joking. The relevant test is "reading comprehension", and Less Wrong comprehensively failed. This essay says many things with which rationalists would agree, if they had been said differently. But some collective cognitive occlusion has apparently

notices the date

Oh. So you are joking. I guess you got me. looks away Well played, well played.

metatroll is the author of Confessions of a Failed Troll.

1ChristianKl7yThe assumptions behind that sentence are funny. We should welcome someone on the basis that he says things we can agree with as opposed to the person reasoning clearly.
7somervta7yThe relevant test is 'Do I want to see more things like this on LW', and the answer is no, because I value clarity more than seeing things I would agree with did I understand them.
0faul_sname7yI think that the relevant joke was that this was a rambling, 2000 word restatement of "politics is the mind killer".
If You Like This Orange...

I may not understand what you are trying to say, but I will defend to the death our right to downvote you for saying it!

[LINK] Steven Hawking warns of the dangers of AI

Hawking is right, artificial intelligence really can spell the end of the human race.

Natural selection defeats the orthogonality thesis

The way I see it, yes, Natural Selection defeats the Orthogonality Thesis. But Meta-Trolling - e.g. simulators choosing the fitness function - defeats Natural Selection; and then the Orthogonality Thesis defeats Meta-Trolling, because you can't know the value systems of the simulators, so sufficiently intelligent agents have to steelman phenomena (treat appearances as real). #trollosophy

AI is Software is AI

LW clearly doesn't appreciate the urgency of this issue. Even Specks versus torture has been taken over by baggage from 1950.

Will Darkcoin Have Thiel's Last Mover Advantage

But there are so many more coins to come: Dawncoin (for Thelemites), Duskcoin (for Hegelians), Wrongcoin (for rationalists), Ritecoin (for reactionaries)...

2ChristianKl8yIt's more than a name. Darkcoin has actually the feature of anonymous transactions that Bitcoin doesn't really have.
5CronoDAS8yI like Ponzicoin. []
Request for concrete AI takeover mechanisms

It could star in a reality TV show, Taking Over the World with the Lesswrongians, where each week it tries out a different scheme. Eventually one of them would work.

8Lumifer8yBeen done [] Brain: We must prepare for tomorrow night. Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! Chorus: They're Pinky, They're Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain!
Natural Rights as Impediment to Artificial Intelligence

It's always a good day on Less Wrong when someone writes a long, passionate, stiffly argued, self-conscious essay that makes a big wrong assumption and then gets massively downvoted for it. Opportunities for learning abound for everyone involved. Well done, Doktor Blake!

Amanda Knox Redux: is Satoshi Nakamoto the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

It's obvious that Amanda Knox is the real Satoshi. Just check the timelines.

Stupid Questions Thread - January 2014

Whenever they invent time travel, they discover that the ability to change the past becomes the biggest cause of suffering, so in the end they always un-invent it.

Double-thick transistors and other subjective phenomena

Who cares? In every case, the lightbulb gets changed, so the question is obviously meaningless!

or perhaps...

We can't conclude anything from the mere fact that the lightbulb was changed. The answer depends on your prior.

or even...

Jokes like this demonstrate the need for Anthropic Atheism Plus, a safe space where fallacies and know-nothing reductionism can be explored, free from malicious trolling.

and finally...

In order to finish the work of wrecking my own joke, here are some explanatory end-notes.

(1) The reference to Atheism Plus, a forum of progressi... (read more)

6Manfred8yOnly as long as the hundred people then go out for one ice cream cone afterwards.
2Manfred8yI dunno, how many?
Tulpa References/Discussion

Tulpa computing has arrived.

T-Wave Systems offers the first commercial tulpa computing system on the market.

Our technology.

Like many profound advances, T-Wave's revolutionary computing system combines two simple existing ideas in a nonlinear way with revolutionary consequences.

First, the crowdsourcing of complex intellectual tasks, by dividing them into simpler subtasks which can then be sourced to a competitive online marketplace of human beings. Amazon's Mechanical Turk is the best-known implementation of this idea.

Second, the creation of autonomous ... (read more)

But MechanicalTulpa is good for far more than economizing on cost. The key lies in T-Wave's proprietary recursive tulpa technology, whereby our tulpas themselves create tulpas, and so forth, potentially ad infinitum.

One day you talk with a bright young mathematician about a mathematical problem that's been bothering you, and she suggests that it's an easy consequence of a theorem in cohistonomical tomolopy. You haven't heard of this theorem before, and find it rather surprising, so you ask for the proof.

"Well," she says, "I've heard it fr... (read more)

Once I had an idea for a sci-fi setting, about a society where it is possible to create a second personality in your brain. Just like tulpa, except that it is done using technology. Your second personality does not know about you, it thinks it is the only inhabitant of your brain. While your second personality acts, you can observe, or you can turn yourself off (like in sleep) and specify events that would wake you up (that automatically includes anything unusual). So for example, you use your second personality to do your work for you, while you sleep. Th... (read more)

Open Thread, December 2-8, 2013

Is it just me, or is solipsism wrong?

4lmm8yIt's just you. But it amuses me that you think otherwise.
Less Wrong’s political bias

Ladies and gentlemen of Less Wrong, moderators, system administrators,

Regarding these serious matters, I feel obliged to take a moment to state the view of that party which I have the honor to represent in this discussion - the Troll Party.

We trolls enjoy irony. We like to play with people's minds. As a troll you look for weakness and foolishness, something you can exploit and highlight. But sometimes life itself trolls the troller, by offering up an excess of opportunity. Look here, it says, at this buffet-sized triple-decker irony sandwich: are you troll... (read more)

8NancyLebovitz8yBest rant I've seen in a while.
How to Become a 1000 Year Old Vampire

weeps at being just a 500-day-old troll

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