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The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

this is an extract from Wendy Murphy's article (

"while Knox's defenders have no trouble complaining that jurors judged her unfairly based on her behavior in the days after the murder (purchasing sexy lingerie, frolicking around town and making out with her boyfriend), they don't mind pointing out her gentle appearance - or arguing that she has a reputation for being "sweet and generous and kind" etc. In other words - they're fine with ... (read more)

This is what the article was talking about: privileging the hypothesis. Amanda's boyfriend said that she was simply buying clean underwear, because she had no access to her clothes in the apartment, which should kinda be obvious, no? Another example is Amanda's internet-posted story about rape. Did you know that rape is the number one sexual fantasy of women? Well, that's according to my surveys. puts the rape fantasy at #3. Whatever... it's up there. I'm saying that it's dangerous when people bring in the murder hypothesis to explain "weird" behavior, because that "weird" behavior may be normal. If you were being interrogated for 30 hours straight, would you stand up and do some stretches at any point? Is that so different from doing a little gymnastics? However, it's a mistake to even go down this path. Let the evidence lead you. None of Amanda's DNA was found at the crime scene, whereas Rudy's DNA was all over the place. Therefore, Amanda likely never set foot in that room... and Rudy likely did. The bigger question here is how can the court system (in Italy, America, and elsewhere) be fixed or at least improved? What can be done?