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Appreciate the essay and information shared.  A couple of quick thoughts that may be relevant.  First, does the data you reviewed account for investment in facilities?  It could be captured under support costs, but my sense is that colleges have made massive investments in upgraded facilities (many feel like resorts as much as institutions of higher learning) that should be reflected somewhere in the accounting data.  Second, I find the explanation of increased course offerings to be persuasive as a primary driver of the increased costs... (read more)

I do not know. My guess would be that it's either ammortized under "support expenditure", or included in "investment". Either way, I'd expect some weird accounting around that, because (at least in my understanding of my alma mater) buildings tended to be paid for by separate funding sources specifically for the building (e.g. a donor after whom the building gets named), whereas most recurring expenses weren't funded that way.