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Bogus Pipeline, Bona Fide Pipeline

I took many tests like this via Project Implicit online. I'm not sure the results are very reliable for individuals, though that is not to say they are unreliable on average.

For instance, I took a racism test in demonstration mode. I was anxious about the exam as I took it, and in particular I was distracted because I had figured out how it worked and I was self-conscious about making "mistakes" (responding more quickly in some scenarios by fluke) or sort-of secretly biasing the result because I didn't want myself to be racist. In the end it t... (read more)

3Scott Alexander13y
Mike: Studies find a correlation of .6 between the same individual taking the test more than once, so 40% of the test score is always going to be the vagaries of each trial. They also find that "practice" on the IAT explains 15% of variance or so. More on this in a moment.