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Useful to keep in mind, especially the point of getting an introduction to the next person.

But I want to point out that it's also easy to undershoot. Many people hesitate to ask questions or contact new people. It makes me sad when people waste hours on something that I can answer / fix in minutes.

Another thing is to keep time spent / saved in mind. A well crafted message, that's easy to understand and only requires a short answer, is much harder to write than going back and forth a few times.

If you spend 100x the time you save the other person, it's probably not worth it in most non-Paul-Christiano-cases.

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Agreed - I added the 7th point to the list now to account for this.

Thanks for the post, it's useful to be reminded of every now and then. The first time I thought about it was when thinking about the statement by doctors that "somebodies life expectancy is 6 months". This also actually means that there is a high chance to die very soon, but if that doesn't happen they'll probably live on for many years.

Planning as if they would live for +/- 6 months is useless in that case.

Here's a form to give the Lightcone team anonymous feedback about this decision (or anything).

The link seems to be missing.

Also: Looking forward to the postmortem.

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As it should be, because the anonymous survey about the SF offices is not for you. It's for the people who were using the offices in question and thus have access to the original Slack channel posting with the link intact. (Obviously, you can't filter out rando Internet submissions of 'feedback' if it's anonymous.)

LessWrong open thread, I love it. I hope they become as lively as the ACX Open Threads (if they have the same intention).

I'm reading the sequences this year (1/day, motivated by this post) and am enjoying it so far. Lmk if I'm wasting my time by not "just" reading the highlights.

PS: In case you or someone you know is looking for a software engineer, here's my profile: Preferably freelance, but I'm open to employment if the project is impactful or innovative.

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Not a waste of time, generally good idea :P

Dang I seem to have not participated.

Can you give the percentiles for people with >130, 140 and 160 IQ (self reported) to determine that the 150 IQ cutoff is not cherry-picked? Does it work like that?

I'm doing it for years already but have not done analysis. My dentist empathized also brushing my gums. GTP has arguments in favor of that when prompted directly.

Has GTP suggested anything unexpected yet?

By its nature GTP gives you views that are held by other people, so they are not completely unexpected for those who have knowledge in the domain. If one however doesn't have knowledge in a domain GTP gives you the keywords that are important. I wouldn't be surprised if ChatGTP's answers reach the current average on Quora in quality.   

I don't know how to make Meditations on Moloch into a video. But it has shaped me deeply and I feel it contains a lot of important lessons that could make or break the future.

Closing paragraph:

He always and everywhere offers the same deal: throw what you love most into the flames, and I can grant you power.
As long as the offer’s open, it will be irresistible. So we need to close the offer. Only another god can kill Moloch. We have one on our side, but he needs our help. We should give it to him.
Ginsberg’s poem famously begins “I saw the best minds of m

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I think this is a good suggestion, but I wouldn't do it as the first animation on a channel because I think the negativity would set the wrong tone for the channel. But a good early one to balance early positive tone.

Thank you for short and sweet the review.

But all the personal connections of the characters before the apocalypse were transient and superficial. Their relationships after the apocalypse aren't.

I wonder how to get that feeling of deep connectedness (I assume) people in small communities and tribes had in the past. An additional challenge is that it might cause people to care even less about people not in their group.

The close knit group that sticks together through thick and thin is a fantasy of mine that hopefully can be achieved without catastrophe.

Great video.

Minor complaint: Is there no way to fix numeric mistakes in post production? Sounds to me like a problem modern sound editing software should be able to fix.

Very nice solution.

You a word here:

Either the AGI has the camera or the AGI has hacked your other nine sensors.

Fixed the typo. Thanks.

Pharasma is from Pathfinder and not D&D, isn't she?

Oh right, I kinda equate those. But yeah when their lore is different then this is based on Pathfinder lore.

I don't think religion keeps is what modern people from learning physics

Should this be "I don't think religion is what keeps modern people from learning physics" or am I missing something?

Fixed. Thanks.

Can you tag this/the series as finished somehow? I like to read stories when they are concluded and didn't realize I could read this yet!

Hello all,

I am not new, but I read much more than I comment. I have not written any articles yet.
I've known LessWrong for maybe 10 years, but it didn't captivate me then. When I started reading SSC again at the beginning of the pandemic, I also came back to LessWrong and got captivated this time. I have subscribed to some authors and try to stay up to date on the curated list. I don't have the time/concentration to read everything I want, unfortunately. "The Engines of Cognition" is still lying around here wrapped up.

About me: I'm a Berlin freelance develo... (read more)

Welcome! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the 2019 book collection. I am still quite happy with how it turned out.

There are some occurrences in the git of Ditritus as well and more importantly in the google Form.

Thanks. I fixed the form and the git repo.

Interesting article.

An oddity I noticed is that the statistics ranks "Sexual Assault" equal to "Aunt Death". That seems wrong to me and might be due to the (hopefully) low sample size.

The original article doesn't mention the oddity either.

But that got me thinking of where "Sexual Assault" would / should rank in "Painful Experiences". Does anyone have insight into that or can direct me to a post?

I like this post, but I don't know how to feel about faking sponsored posts. That could trick people into reading actual sponsored posts.

I've never seen a real sponsored post on this website.
  1. For any atom not being part of a living organism is a stable equilibrium.
  2. For a spinning top not to spin is a stable equilibrium.
  3. Hair length is a stable equilibrium.
Solid. I've seen a surprising number of people independently answer hair/beard length (including when trying this exercise in-person). Perhaps it is the most natural example of a stable equilibrium.