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This is diworsified portfolio! Equities, Tech and Semiconductors concentrated

I am surprised this is posted and even upvoted on lesswrong, the format of the post looks like something found on  reddit user post .

Someone buys a coin at an extreme low price and got out exactly at top [no rationale explained what so ever on how they did it ] , made money and they want to share the knowledge to the world and now advising  in stocks (surprisingly all mainstream)

This is definitely a fantastic idea. However the usage will be more attuned towards institutional use rather than a formal communication between friends. 

If i am talking to a friend or a colleague this would really make the communication in effective and might loose camaraderie.

I agree, Option 5 requires real skill .

Any insight how VIX futures are a better option compared to VIX ETFs?

On the mention of VIX futures , i am actually wary of  VIX futures suffering from Contango and  getting timing right is crucial.  I am not sure how actual volatility practitioners deal with it 

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"VIX futures in contango" is roughly same problem you mentioned about e.g. VIXY going down 90% "over a market cycle". My claim is that you'll lose less to the contango than to the drift in VIXY. If I understand correctly, (I don't have easy access to the data right now) the VIX ETFs actually hold (dynamic) baskets of options, which means they lose a lot of money to slippage / transactions costs as they trade in and out of those positions.
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A post which i can very much relate to. I am in early thirties and i cannot focus on a specific goal . I still have a lot of ground to cover before i reach the top of maslows hierarchy to focus on changing the world or working towards my values. So short term money maximisation still appears to be the first stepping stone , but  the biggest hurdle for me is i cannot commit myself to a path which i am not clear whether it will yield a tangible output . 

NTSX or leveraged ETF balancing strategy or  even SWAN to some extent - All of these are prone to losses when the interest rates rise and more prone to losses when interest rates are raising rapidly . In such scenarios bonds and equity loose together and historic negative correlations might temporarily align positively.  DRSK is one interesting ETF which can be thrown into the mix similar to SWAN ,Their fixed income portion is not duration heavy compared to other tail risk strategies like SWAN and their options are actively managed

However the big... (read more)

Software: Readwise

Need: Knowledge Reinforcement

Other Programs I'v tried: Anki , Evernote, Pocket

The ease of  copying and loading key references/highlights from various sources into a system which reminds of the key phrases every morning in a required pattern has been very useful. This is actually a project which i've started working and later gave up when i found Readwsie doing all of what i wanted and much more. It's ability to sync,tag,store and remind highlights from various sources (especially kindle, web browser) on a daily basis helped in a lot of knowledge reinforcement 

Did you try readwise? I found it more modern  with vast array of source recordinf