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I'm certainly not suggesting that the LW front page should be replaced by a landing page. That particular design does have some negative associations for me as well.

My point is that if your goal is to make the visitor stick around for a while and maybe even participate, then you need to have a front page that encourages him/her to do so. The design suggested by the OP, in my opinion, probably does not.

Edit: Nevermind, my point was poorly thought out and hastily formulated.

Upvoted for A/B split-testing! Don't guess when you can test.

There are two things I'd object to about this design. And of course this is meant as constructive criticism and I really appreciate the effort you're putting forth in spite of the fact that I disagree with you.

First, I am squeamish about brains, and I assume some percentage of other people are as well. Even though your suggested picture is quite inoffensive, I wouldn't take the risk of turning away visitors. It's just unnecessary.

Second, there's nothing about the headlines that pulls me in.

Curated community blog

Why would I want to read your blog? I do... (read more)

For a contrary opinion: Whenever I come across a site anything like whycantichange, I immediately ditch it and glaze over. Those come across as sleazy cheap grabs for money, even if they aren't actually asking for money.

I believe this link has been posted before, but it might be worth re-posting for those who missed it.

Kahneman's Nobel Prize lecture in both text and video formats.

Thanks for the interview, I'll be checking it out.

I'm very excited to have found this community. In a way, it's like meeting a future, more evolved version of myself. So many things that I've read about here I've considered before, but often in a more shallow and immature way. A big thanks to all of you for that!

To the topic of me, I'm 24, male, and Swedish. After studying some of PJ Eby's work, I identify strongly as a naturally struggling person. I've been trying to figure out why for all my life, I think I read Wayne Dyer at about the same age as Eliezer read Feynman. Since then I've read a lot more, a... (read more)

It's nice to have you here.
I'm offended! [] Just kidding.

That's exactly it. I used to know that, can't believe I forgot it. Thanks!

There's an argument that I run into occasionally that I have some difficulty with.

Let's say I tell someone that voting is pointless, because one vote is extremely unlikely to alter the outcome of the election. Then someone might tell me that if everyone thought the way I do, democracy would be impossible.

And they may be right, but since everyone doesn't think the way I do, I don't find it to be a persuasive argument.

Other examples would be littering, abusing community resources, overusing antibiotics, et cetera. They may all be harmful, but if only one add... (read more)

The related behavior pattern where everyone contributes to the collective problem is sometimes referred to as the tragedy of the commons. I'm fonder of "no single raindrop feels responsible for the flood," myself.
Try searching for "free rider problem" or "tragedy of the commons." Here are the relevant Wiki pages: [] []