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A very interesting article, both informative and clearly explained.


I think using a 16x16 strategy matrix just obscures the issue. Your choice of sword is never affected by the opponent's choice of sword; it seems that way because switching swords could turn a loss into a win, but that is a simple optimization, not a game theoric calculation. Your opponent changing his sword will never alter your best choice of sword (taking armor as fixed). What we really have is two 4x4 games that happen to be identical, requiring a single solution.

So I drew the 4x4 sword vs armor type matrix and solved for dominated strategies. Going th... (read more)

Add in "you are more likely to win despite the opponent being more skilled or having a better connection".
Yes. In this problem we are concerned with winning a duel, and not with the margin of victory. The problem statement includes "The winner is fully healed afterwards."