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good tool, you should add a license, Here some links, fsf approved licenses

6ScottL6yThanks for the suggestion. I added the GNU public licence v3.
Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

welcome to LW! Just a question when you think you will finish your translation?

6Salokin6yThank you! :) I'm planning on finishing the first book (The map and the territory) by October but it will probably take longer as I'm not very consistent with my work. The first sequence (Predictably wrong) should be finished this week if I keep my current pace. I'm publishing it here: [] (Everything is in Spanish) I'd appreciate any comments, and if you think that someone you know would benefit from reading rationality in spanish it would be great if you shared it ^^
Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

non-free websites are websites that use non-free code (non-free license or are Proprietary)

but my philosophy is that if there not any free alternative then I will use the site anyway.

But any good free alternative I will be the first to switch.

NOTE: free as in freedom

Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

I think I will be contributing to the discussion section and maybe when I get enough karma I will see what I can post in the main section.

Open Thread, Jul. 20 - Jul. 26, 2015

thanks for the info!

are there any list (wikipedia list like) of all programs that calculates Bayesian probability's?

2Risto_Saarelma6yTurns out there is []. Probably not all of the programs though. Are you trying to do something specific or are you just curious about learning about Bayesian statistics? The software on that list probably won't be that useful unless you already know a bit about statistics theory and have a specific problem you want to solve.
2Vaniver6yOne example is BUGS [], which uses Gibbs sampling to do Bayesian inference in complicated statistical models. Tell us what you have, and what you'd like to turn it into.
Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

Because i try to avoid non-free software and sites but I make some exceptions for sites like google and etc because there are no good free alternative.

But if there where I will be the first to switch.

NOTE: free as in freedom

-1Lumifer6yI understand the concept of libre and non-libre software, but what are "non-free websites"?
1[anonymous]6yThat's very interesting code of honour! Do you have anything in mind on how you'd like to contribute on LW or do you have such plans?
Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

I found out about LW in a french video and then i just remembered the site name, Two or three months later I came visit the site and i read some post and i found it interesting so after that I came back and discover that the site was power by Reddit code and I check the reddit source code on github and then I discover it was a fsf(free software foundation) approved license so I decide to create an account plus I already was on reddit.

well for the reading i am only at the page number 23 (I just started) but so far:

why true, book 1 section 1 sub-section 3

Fe... (read more)

6[anonymous]6yIt's interesting that you took such a note from the fact that LW is powered by reddit, why was that so interesting? No, not at all. It's a version of "asdf" which is the first thing you write if you start to write nonsense on your keyboard, and it doesn't have any explicit symbolism.
Open Thread, Jul. 20 - Jul. 26, 2015

does anyone know a program that calculates Bayesian probability's.

4gwern6yThis is far too general a question; there are many programs for calculating many things with 'Bayesian' in their name.
Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

Hey less wrong.

I am Vicente and I am new here, i have been lurking here for one or two months and I have just created an account two or three weeks ago.

And right now I am reading Rationality: From AI to Zombies from Eliezer Yudkowsky.

some facts about me:

  • I live in Quebec city, Canada
  • I am under 18 but you will never know my age
  • I love computer science and I know php a little bit of c and html css (but those are not real programming languages)
  • I love and use free software (like in freedom)
  • the distro that I use is Debian gnu/linux

and that it!

a... (read more)


Hi Vicente!

To make an user profile, set up an account on the Wiki, with the same name as your LessWrong account. Then make a user page for it. After a day, LW will automatically use that to make your profile page

How did you found out about Less Wrong? What's been the most interesting part about the writings so far?