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Is it rational to take psilocybin?

Great discussion here. In my experience, psychedelics have not "changed my preference ordering" (at least not notably) but have helped me change the narrative that I tell myself on an ongoing basis. During one mushroom trip, for example, I felt very much like a child -- overwhelmed and vulnerable at times, but also unusually engaged by my own sensory experience. That state of mind partially stuck with me after the fact. I've come to see myself as a work in progress rather than as a "formed" adult. I'm more inclined to embrace new c... (read more)

Recommended Rationalist Resources

Charlie Munger gave a very accessible talk on rationality at Harvard Law School in the 90s:

It seems to have good explanations, but without context or a point-by-point introduction, it's not for the beginner.
The Most Important Thing You Learned

"Thou art Godshatter" -- this was one of the first posts I read, and it made the entire heuristics and biases program feel more immediate / compelling than before

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When I hide something I see no way to get it back.

If you visit your user page [] then click Hidden in the top bar it will list posts you've hidden.