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survey about biases in the investment context

Of course I can no longer change the framing while the survey is running, but for future surveys how would you frame it? Do you think it is worth specifying time-frame, other wealth an so on? I am not sure if most participants of an online survey would carefully read the instructions and actually try to visualise the specified situation.

What I have seen often is the framing "on top of what you already own you have been given..." which implies that you should make your decision based on your current situation. Do you think this would be superior?

it depends on what you're trying to discern with the question. If you want to know what people would do with a windfall in addition to their current allocation, ask that. but then you probably need to ask some intrusive quesitons about what they previously had. You could state "X is all you have in the world, and you make enough to live on but not to save additional. which of the following would you choose to save for a vacation in 6 months" or "for retirement in 20 years" or "for emergencies".
survey about biases in the investment context

Unfortunately I cannot fix the UI problems, because I lack the programming skills and asked a fried to set up the survey for me. He is pretty busy now and I don't want to bother him again, since I already requested many changes before the survey went live. The winner will gain the amount he ended up with not only the gains.

There's no reason to run your own survey software. SurveyMonkey or even Google forms do the job.
Fair enough! I hope what I've written above will be helpful to anyone else who finds it initially puzzling the same way as I did.
survey about biases in the investment context

I use a captcha, so if you block scripts this happens.

Yeah, I guessed as much, but I find it funny that browsers unwilling to run scripts are auto-classified as bots :-)
survey about biases in the investment context

Thank you for participating. You can also skip questions if they make no sense for you. I should have advised people to do that if they do not drive.

Open thread, Mar. 20 - Mar. 26, 2017

Hello guys, I am currently writing my master's thesis on biases in the investment context. One sub-sample that I am studying is people who are educated about biases in a general context, but not in the investment context. I guess LW is the right place to find some of those so I would be very happy if some of you would participate since people who are aware about biases are hard to come by elsewhere. Also I explicitly ask for activity in the LW community in the survey, so if enough of LWers participate I could analyse them as an individual subsample. Would... (read more)

Look up a group called "the trading tribe" by Ed seykota.