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Timeless Control

As Elezier points out, You are indeed a part of physics. Likewise, it does not make sense to consider the future determined from a human's perspective.

Let me try to explain that. You can consider any system with fixed rules and constant initial conditions to be solvable. So if you consider a rock rolling down a hill. Given any time t, you can predict the position of the rock.

If you consider a human a system in this same way, we can expect an output for any given input, however the data is much too complex to be represented graphically. For example consider... (read more)

A system with fixed deterministic rules and known initial conditions has an outcome that can be predicted. OTOH, the rules of QM are as fixed--unchanging--as you like, but do not allow definite prediction of experience. We don't know anything about FW, including whether it is determined by the environment.