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I have started to see the Instrumental convergence problem as a part of human-to-human aliment problem.

E. Glen Weyl in "Why I Am Not A Technocrat"

Similarly, if we want to have AIs that can play a productive role in society, our goal should not be exclusively or even primarily to align them with the goals of their creators or the narrow rationalist community interested in the AIAP. Instead it should be to create a set of social institutions that ensures that the ability of any narrow oligarchy or small number of intelligences like a friendly
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If Scrooge McDuck’s downtown Duckburg apartment rises in price, and Scrooge’s net worth rises equally, but nothing else changes, the distribution of purchasing power is now more unequal — fewer people can afford that apartment.  But nobody is richer in terms of actual material wealth, not even Scrooge.  Scrooge is only “richer” on paper.  The total material wealth of Duckburg hasn’t gone up at all.

Cities generate wealth from the Economies of agglomeration. Bigger cities have higher productivity than smaller cities. Some of that wealth naturally flows int... (read more)

As an layman who reads little academic micro- and macroeconomics, I can't but think that I am already familiar with the "Commoditize Your Complement." I lack the expertise to frame this properly, but I suspect it relates to concepts like "platform envelopment", "envelopment of complements", "platform stacks" when discussing competition in platform economies.

There are lots of specific examples. I see it as a generalization.

From Buddhist Phenomenology by Henk Barendrekt

1.7 Explaining apparent contradictions
Now we will explain how contradictions, which happen to occur in some buddhist texts, are possible. Suppose some part of reality U is described using some language L. Some of the regularities observed in L are in fact physical laws, but may be confused with logical laws. If we extend the reality U to U+, but keep as the describing language L, then statements may result that contradict statements made about U. Although the contradictions are only app
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