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Thank you for the reference. I just stumbled into this website and found the essays interesting to me. As a Chinese reader there is not so many this kind of contents in chinese web. Really lucky to enjoy the thought while improving my English.

Welcome! There's a monthly open thread [] where newcomers are invited to introduce themselves.

The essay reminds me of the book š‘³š’‚š’š’ˆš’–š’‚š’ˆš’† š’š’ š‘»š’‰š’š’–š’ˆš’‰š’• š’‚š’š’… š‘Øš’„š’•š’Šš’š’ by Samuel Hayakawa. The author also used the map and territory metaphor in the book.

Eliezer has elsewhere mentioned it as having been an influence in his youth. The saying "the map is not the territory" originated with Korzybski [], and Hayakawa's book is a popularisation of his work.