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Booster for Omicron question:

Is there any reason why getting a J&J booster now would be a bad idea? (E.g., would it prevent you from getting an Omicron updated mRNA booster?)

Why getting the J&J might be a good idea:

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines inject you with mRNA that tricks your body into manufacturing a piece of the Covid19 virus called its "spike protein." Your body then learns to recognize this specific protein and attack it.

However, the omicron variant has ~30 mutations that make... (read more)

The J&J vaccine []also only codes for the spike protein:
Wikipedia says []: So it's not better than the mRNA vaccines in this sense, as far as I understand (I don't know if that makes it a bad idea, as such). The inactivated virus type vaccines [] are But those are probably much harder to get for readers in Western countries. And they've generally been found to be less effective, I think; possibly because the inactivation process damages the proteins.

I found this very helpful and motivating to read — it feels like this made clear and specific some things I had more hazily been thinking about. Thanks for writing it up.

2Eli Tyre2y
Glad to help.

I'm interested in this question as well.

I like this a lot, and have found similar-ish framings useful in my own life.

I think the robustness-fragility point is a very good one, and want to highlight it as I haven't seen it in discussions about hubs much.