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I would like to apply for this. Just to see if I have "a good personality 'fit' with Bostrom". I am also seriously interested in this, as I could see myself as a personal assistant for a much smarter person.

What about "The Magic of Reality" ?

It's the new book from Richard Dawkins, meant as an easy introduction to science. I have not read it myself yet, but it was recommended to me several times and I think it's aimed at a younger audience in the first place.

I will definitely read it. Maybe you should give it a shot.

"The Magic of Reality" is brilliant. I strongly recommend it. The rich illustrations make a huge difference. I guess what I want is a kids version of "Intuition Pumps", in the style of "The Magic of Reality". I'd buy dozens of copies of that.

I have a problem. I really like the study hall and I like working in our citys library. The problem is that the network of the library doesn't allow tinychat. My first thought was "hm, why not google this problem?" and that gave me an idea! Why not use google instead of tinychat? I have to confess that I've never used google hangouts so far. But it seemed to me like a good idea to suggest google hangouts as an alternative to tinychat. Hangouts seems to work even on this weird city network and google is usually a good choice, no matter what (haters gonna hate).

This is just a suggestion, but I'd really like to hear what you guys (especially the frequent study hall users of course) think about it.

Yeah, tinychat isn't really optimal. The idea to move it to google hangouts has been around for a while. The problem with it was that creating a permanent hangout is difficult, as far as I know. You're welcome to look into solutions for that problem though! :) Maybe you can also find a solution for the library not allowing it for now. Maybe a proxy?