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Seems quite different to me, Ctrl+tab let's you circle through your tabs, but the new alt+q returns you to the previous tab which might or might not be next to the tab you are currently at. (I hardly use the Ctrl+tab thing, even though I'm aware of it as you'll always have to look or think what the right shortcut to use is (There is also Cmd+[number] which gets you to the xth tab, but again here you'll have to look and check what where you actually want to go to), but Alt+q sounds significantly more of a no brainer to just click if you want to go back.)

One problem with the "Petrov day" ritual that has been created seems to be that in addition to the virtues 1 & 2 from the Petrov story someone arbitrarily added virtues 3 & 4 (and ignoring others virtues related to Petrov such as not abiding to social pressure) which somehow contradict his values:

     3. Not taking unilaterally taking large (and irreversible) action

Petrov took unilaterally (and arguably large) action!

     4. Cooperating / being the kind of person who can cooperate / being the kind of     &nbs

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