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A Ketogenic Diet as an Effective Cancer Treatment?

2 min read
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The date on this is wrong. It says it is on November 19, 2016, while the website says it is on December 19, 2015.

Just finished reading Happiness: A Very Short Introduction by Daniel M. Haybron. It was an excellent read, and well worth my time.

What is the joke behind the title "Highly Advanced Epistemology 101 for Beginners"? I understand that it's redundant, but is that the only reason why it's supposed to be funny, or is there some further underlying joke?

Edit: Or, to be clearer, why was the title not just " Highly Advanced Epistemolo...(read more)

I think that's commonly referred to as a lost purpose here on Less Wrong.

I think the scenario of an AI torturing humans in the future is very, very unlikely. For most possible goals an AI could have, it will have ways to accomplish them that are more effective than torturing humans.

I don't see this as a Gish Gallop, as it doesn't even appear to me to be an argument. It just looks like a list of biases that reductionists should take extra care to avoid. The "should" part wasn't argued, just assumed.

Yes, last year. I expect with 75% confidence that it will happen again this year.

I was actually in New York City on the actual date of the solstice, December 21. I'll be living there in a year from now, and this post makes me excited about taking in part in next year's event!

Your comment ends with an incomplete sentence.