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Final Babble Challenge (for now): 100 ways to light a candle

Thanks a lot for setting these up! I'm really looking forward to the new upcoming practice challenges.

It took me 72 minutes. The 101 isn't for swag, I just miscounted somewhere and decided to leave it, since the last one is a lot more practical than many.

  1. use a lighter
  2. use a match
  3. attach it to a piece of wire, the wire to a kite. Fly the kite into a thunderstorm
  4. make a deal with the Devil
  5. pretend to make a deal with him, and light the candle if he appears in a burst of flames
  6. short-circuit a car battery, light it of the sparks
  7. place a cash bounty on the
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Woah, I thought long and hard but this is so much better than mine! I thought #53 to #60 were great, among many others. The next practice thing is probably going to be the LessWrong Review (which will be announced within a few hours), so my plans for the next challenge might only be launched after that.
Babble challenge: 50 ways to escape a locked room

Didn't get to 50, will try to filter even less next time.

1. email the police

2. wifi-call a friend

3. smash the protective glass panel of my cell phone and get thin shards to pick the lock (subgoal: learn how to pick locks)

4. read up on dark arts and manipulation techniques to trick your captor into letting you go

5. smash the door with your bare hands, Kill Bill style

6. give online English lessons/freelance until you have enough ransom money

7. seduce your captor

8. make a lot of noise and call for help

9. find friends/ lovers/ a purpose online and escape

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The hard limit on the challenge is that you should get to 50. Doing it in one hour is a stretch goal, but it's fine if you don't reach it. I'm excited to see if you can get 20 more!
Taking Social Initiative

Great post! Thanks to this, I'm now going to force myself to host a movie night, and slowly try to turn this initiative thing into a habit.