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2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey


I really liked the questions last year related to if you had $x, how happy would you be? I know I missed the 1 week comment period for this survey, but Yvain, could you put those questions in again next year??


The Argument From Marginal Cases

So you treat humans as the only entities that count morally as this is the closest Schelling point?

I think you should recognise you have a finer grained decision tree than this. Think about the difference between swatting a mosquito that could bite you, and harming your neighbour's prize chicken, both animals but different moral statuses.

7DanArmak8yThe neighbor's chicken doesn't have terminal moral status in itself; it only has instrumental moral status because it belongs to the neighbor. (This is the poster's presumed stance, not mine.)
Friendship is Optimal: A My Little Pony fanfic about an optimization process

Hi man. I am new to LW and Utilitarianism in general, and MLP are like ugggggggggh to me, but I read the story and

Loved it.

It is original and a great mix of humor and hard SF. Good work with the editing, the polishing is showing through!