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Tools for keeping focused

Can someone provide some "Windows-friendly" software for schedules/automatic website blockers?

Also if someone knows for some "positive feedback" app (instead of "negative avoiding" apps) I would be glad to try new productivity apps.

1MarcelloV1yFor your first question, Cold Turkey [] is my favorite for Windows! Freedom [] is also a popular one, but I prefer Cold Turkey since it has more robust settings and doesn't allow you to uninstall it during an active session. If you want something lighter you could use browser extensions like LeechBlock but it's far too easy just to switch browsers with those.
Why isn't there a LessWrong App? Is a "blog-app" sustainable/useful for a community?

I already got this message from the FAQs, but thanks for making it clear. I think this can/should go on the FAQ page so other newbies like me can read it, but I guess now at least when you search in the site you can find a fast answer :)

Why isn't there a LessWrong App? Is a "blog-app" sustainable/useful for a community?

I have all the latest downloaded apps and the ones I use most on my home screen and when I want to relax with the phone, I very often just pick the first app I see. I recently wanted to start engaging with the community a bit more and having the LW app "a single tap" away would have been great tricking myself into doing so. Also I feel that the browser isn't that great to browse this particular community (for reasons explained in other comments) and got curious about why there isn't an app for every forum, at least for attracting new users.

3Kenny1yI think, for both iOS and Android devices, you can add a link to a web page as an 'app' icon. Maybe a better focus is what you want to better "browse this particular community", independent of whether it's via web pages in a web browser or a (mobile device) 'app'.
Free Educational and Research Resources

You can find many free courses here ad they do a good job of keeping track of the free MOOC available online, expecially during the "coronavirus outbreak of free MOOCs". You can also set a library f courses for you to keep track of courses you will want to attend when you have more free time. Has also a lot of courses from Indian Universities.