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Altough buddhism does a good job showing there is no such thing as a homunculus/controler self, i don't think it succeeds at showing there is no-self at all.

The minimal-self (by philosopher Zahavi) survives to the buddhist via-negativa imho " In several books and articles, Zahavi has defended the existence and significance of pre-reflective self-consciousness, and argued in favor of the idea that our experiential life is characterized by a form of self-consciousness that is more primitive and more fundamental than the reflective form of self-cons... (read more)

As I noted in the beginning of the article, the argument (at least as I interpret it) isn't that "absolutely nothing like some kind of a self can be found", but rather that "the mind doesn't work like our intuitive concept of the self would suggest". (More on this in a future post.)